I took in a deep breath before I picked up the phone once more, Leo on the other end of the line.

    "She's ready. Are you sure you want to do this?" Leo asked nervously in a hushed voice. I could all but guess Alexandra was sleeping next to him in her hospital bed.

    "I am sure." I insisted and pulled on my red sweatshirt even though I didn't necessarily need it.

    "You did drink that extra blood, didn't you?" He said.

    "Yes, mother. I'm on my way." I confirmed and put Dessy in a large handbag I had handy. She mewled in opposition, but stayed put like the good kitty she was. I stomped out the front door and locked it absentmindedly after I was clear.

    I made it out to the car and opened the door, but paused when I saw the thick trail leading down the path.

    "s**t." I said and slammed the door behind me. I tossed the handbag in the passenger seat and shoved the key in the slot, gunning it to life. I stopped my breath and zoomed down the mountain, avoiding letting my gaze settle on Alexandra's dried blood.

    I had to make it down to the hospital without loosing it on the way there; I had to prove it to Leo and Alexandra that I was capable of being surrounded my humans without going balistic.


    "Yes, Leo. I'm on my way." Mari said and hung up on me right when I was getting to the important part. I groaned and dialed the number again, and got the beep for a message.

    I cursed and watched Alex's closed eyes flicker frantically. Only God could know what was passing through her mind right then.

    Sighing, I placed my cell phone back in my pocket, then settled in the too white hospital chair nearby.

    "What were you thinking, Alex?" I said outloud, obviously not expecting an answer. I sat in silence as I stared out the streaked window and listened to rain pounding on the pavement below. I was deeply worried for Mari. What if she couldn't make it?


    I wrenched at the steering wheel as I sped down the highway, weaving through cars that were going to slow. I received two shakes of the fist by old ladies, some whoops from some men in trucks, and some annoyed glances from countless people.

    I ignored every single one of them; if I didn't I could've done something worse than cause a car crash.

    I had only driven five times in the past, and that was down to the bloodbank to order a few gallons from the man there. Never before had I driven to the hospital; that was the place I had avoided with great caution. But now as I drove down the highway, it felt familiar, as if I'd done it a million times.

    "Sacred Heart Medical Center," I read aloud as I steered carefully in the entrance. Dessy mewled quietly, reflecting my nervous thoughts.

    I parked close to a bigger car, and a small one I recognized as a Volkswagon Bug.

    "Are you ready for this, Dessy?" I asked as I stared straight out the windshield. She meowed, and I quickly plucked the bag from the seat. I slung the straps over my shoulder, took a deep breath, and opened the door. Slinking out of the car, I looked around the crowded parking lot; there were cars everywhere, people going in and out of the large building.

    "Here we go, then." I said and stopped breathing, then slammed the door of my Mustang shut.


    Images flickered in and out of my head at top speed, and would've made me dizzy if I were standing.

    The first many were vampires in general, at least the way I'd imagined them, crazed eyes and blood dripping down their chins. But slowly, the images shifted toward a more disturbing set.

    The moon above me was a cold, blood red. I was in my backyard at home, back in New Jersey. Everything was stained in the hideous color. Lights flashed around me, and I was spinning wildly, out of control. My long hair was tangled from the wind, and I could feel something watching me from somewhere. That must've been what I was searching for, looking from one place to another in circles that never seemed to end.

    There was a silent growl behind me, almost inaudible. I whipped around and saw Mari, strutting forward with long claws and wide, beet red eyes that examined my every move.

    "You've come to me child. Why have you done so?" Mari stroked the bottom of my chin with a long nail and circled around me like a bird.

    "I don't know!" I cried out, trying to keep track of where she was headed, but her movements were too fast for my eye to pick up.

    "I think I know, Darling." She finally stopped behind me and held a nail to my throat, lips gently carressing my ear as she whispered almost silently.

    "You've come to help me." She said with the softest voice I could imagine. I dared not move with the point on my jugular, but the terror was making me tremble like a leaf.

    "What am I helping you with?" I stuttered, attempting to calm myself down with a deep breath.

    "Use your imagination, Darling." She kept her hold on me and circled around to my front and stared at me with her cold eyes. The red moon above reflected off her brown hair, making it look like a living flame on the top of her head.

    "Step away from her, scum." Mari glared upward at the fence. I risked turning my head upward, and found a tall man with a large gun in his hand, ballancing on the fence beside us. His long black scarf fluttered in the wind behind him, and his trenchcoat billowed out around his feet.

    "Can't I have a decent meal without you bugging me, Harry?" Mari tightened her grip on my shoulder, making me wince.

    "I said, step away." The man, Harry, aimed his gun at Mari and stared at her with big, golden eyes.

    "Let me finish here first, Harry. I'll be with you in a moment." Mari flicked a smug grin his way and lunged at my throat. A scream wasn't even able to escape my lips before I heard a loud BANG.

    "You really think that's going to work, Harry? You've tried that one before." Mari threw me to the ground and put her hands on her hips, staring up at the man. I was barely able to scurry away and hide behind the edge of the house, my pounding heart roaring in my ears.

    "Oh, dear. You've made me loose my lunch, Harry."


    "Will you cut that out? Seriously."


    "Now you're just getting annoying."

    "Third times a charm, ain't it?"

    Suddenly, I could feel the heat of a flame roaring on the other side of the house. I peeked sideways, avoiding ashes and cinders, and saw Harry, fire blowing out of his gun to Mari, writhing on the ground.

    "Good night, Darling. Sweet dreams." Harry said and lowered the gun, then looked toward me. My gaze flickered between him and Mari, who was on her side with her back arched, clawing at the ground as if it would save her life. She made no sound, but the look on her face said it all.

    Finally, the flames died down, and Mari was nothing more than a memory. Harry walked over and knelt before me. I cringed before the wall, not knowing how to react.

    He held out his hand to me. "Sorry 'bout her. She's been on my list for months now. Looks like I finally got her for good."

    "You killed her." I choked out, blinking back the horrid-smelling smoke that was drifting our way.

    "No, she lived through all that burning. Of course I killed her, silly." He poked my nose and offered me his hand. I stared at it blankly for a moment, then took it and he pulled me upward.

    "My name is Harry. Harry Roe. Whoever Eats Red Exterminators**, A.K.A, WERE." He examined me from head to toe, then put a hand on the top of my head.

    "You know, I think we need more members, if you're interested. Get to bust vamps like them all the time." He looked me in the eye for a moment, but my eyes flitted downward to the grass beneath our feet.

    "You're.... asking me to join?"

    "That's what I said, yes." His eyes danced with amusement.

    "I... yes. I will." I finally looked up at him and smiled vaguely. He returned the smile and patted my shoulder.

    "You'll make a fine exterminator someday." He leapt over the fence quickly, and I followed behind him with ease.

    I promised myself then and there that I would hunt down every vampire that ever lived and make them pay for all the suffering they've caused others. They would pay.


    **I was in a hurry and couldn't think of anything else to name it...... LOL all you want, but this was an off the top of the head kind of name**