• Chapter 5**** Save MELODY!!!!

    “Jeremy!!!!! Breakfast is ready!! Come down and eat and I mean now!” I shout. Well that’s how I wake Jeremy up, I know it’s harsh but we have to live with it. “Fine, fine… I’m coming down, at least let me get ready!” Jeremy never likes to use the word idiot at me now days. “Sigh, what are these food!!! They look like rats!!” Jeremy shouted when he was at the table… Well actually we are now in the forest, and there’s no table it’s just logs. We build a tree house last few days after the disappearance of Erika. I feel so sorry to Jeremy. He never feels the warmth of his family after his gone when he was a child. Well Arthur, he was at the forest training, “Jeremy…. (Jeremy looks at me) Can you be with me forever..?” I ask him about that…. I’m so stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid!!! What will he answer? “Melody..? Why do you ask me such silly question? *What should I say, I’m her guardian I must be with her forever but I… Ugh* Melody, I’m your guardian soul, I must be with you together… For..ev..er.” Jeremy and I started to blush, “Jeremy I want to say….. Uh… Jeremy?” Jeremy hugs me without any question. “Melody, I… (an arrow shooting sound) Huh… (turns around) Melody… Melody!!!!” I tried to avoid and I did but the arrows keep on coming…. “*Oh no, Jeremy, Arthur, HELP!!!!!* AHHHH!!!!” “Melody!! I’ll help you the Arrow!!!” The people who tried to kill me showed their selves… “Arthur, (cry softly)” Jeremy help me stand. “How dare you try to kill my Melody,” Jeremy said angrily “Ehem, YOUR MELODY!!! She’s My Melody!!! She doesn’t deserve a guy who is a half blooded human. You’re a guardian… You can’t marry a human! (Jeremy was shock)” Arthur said seriously “Guys stop arguing, Help mmm…. (been tied by the mouth)” Well I think guys hasn’t matured yet. “Melody!!!” Arthur and Jeremy run and attack but they were too late. The archery got away. Well, what should I do? “Huh, why did we argue? If we didn’t argue we could save Melody… Huh” Jeremy was sad and worried because of me but I don’t think Arthur will be worried, he likes to think positive. “You idiot, there’s nothing to worried, I know we’ll find her. We just got to go to find a place that has tower and a city.” “Like That?” Jeremy responded immediately “Yup, like that.” They go to that city called Girnly Nole. “Weird name…” Arthur, well he like to say that when he don’t understand the meaning. Actually there is no such thing as Girnly Nole in the dictionary. Well I think history books will have at this place. “What did you said?” An unknown person suddenly appeared out of nowhere, asking Arthur about what he said. “Oh my god, you’re old*Its true, her hair is white her face is like a frog*” Arthur is such an idiot. “You idiot, BRAT!!!! (Hit Arthur on the face using her leg)” “Ow, That hurts.” Jeremy laugh and said “Serves you right, umm… my name is Jeremy and this is Arthur. Who are you?” “My name is June. I named this place but this stupid guy here didn’t appreciate it. It’s really hard to name this place. At the last war, a warrior saves me. His name was Girnly Nole, so this place was called by his name, I was the one who want his name to be here.” Jeremy reply “Oooo… so that’s why. Do you have a place to stay Grandma June?” “Yes, right there the Pootar Motel and call me June. I want people to call me with a younger name.” Jeremy said okay and left with Arthur to the motel. “WHAT!!! Why is this place this cheap? Only 1,000 Lorm.” Arthur was shock just because of the cheap cost. “You should be grateful of the price. It’s good that it’s not 100,000 Lorm and also why do you want to stay at a city that is placed by the tower?” Jeremy asks and Arthur replies “Well Melody might be here. People like to keep princess at a tower right? My mother was a princess once, her name was Reisha Love. She was going to be a queen after her mom is dead but her sister, Jill Love killed her own sister, my mom. I was there, watching her dead. I didn’t inform my father because my aunty Jill abuse me for not to tell my father. So I didn’t.” Jeremy suddenly feels bad for Arthur. “Don’t feel bad for me. I was happy because I will not get to be a King today. Today I get to be with you and Melody but Melody isn’t here. Well it’s still the same, I get to explore the places I never been.” Arthur use his bright smile at Jeremy but Jeremy says “You idiot, don’t you see you don’t have a mother and I know that you love your mother but you don’t want to say it out loud because you don’t want me to feel bad for you.” Arthur lips suddenly sealed. He has nothing much to say at Jeremy. Jeremy knew that Arthur loved his mother. “My mother and father actually never cared for me. When I was small, they have to work, work and work. She never had time for me. Every day I eat by myself. Father, he got to handle the soldier. Mom got to collect the money at the town. Collecting money is not important, protecting the town is important than money. Mom liked money since she was small. My mother has the same kind of attitude as her sister.” Arthur looks down. “Let me tell you something, your mother and father actually cared for you. They work just for you. You need to learn, eat and drink every day. If there’s no money than you will live in a lonely world in the castle, you need to understand what your parents are doing. Understand their feelings.” Jeremy explains clearly and Arthur understands and smiles broadly towards Jeremy. “Thanks for the explanation. Let’s go save Melody.” Arthur was in the great mood to save Melody. They go to the tower. The tower was protected by vines that have torn on it. “MELODY!!!!!” Jeremy shouted three times but there’s no answer. “Are you ready to go in?” Jeremy ask Arthur and he nodded. Arthur tried to open the door but it won’t open. They realize that the door is sealed tightly. “We don’t have much choice. I got to smash this door, here I come Melody, Blade Smash!!” Jeremy used his attack and went inside with Arthur. They went to the highest floor there but something crawled behind them. “What the Hell is this creature?” “It’s Teracktile. It’s one of the various creature found. You better go up and save Melody. Let me handle this since I know what its weakness is. Go!” Jeremy run as quick as lighting. “Let me give you something in mind (The creature sliver drop on Arthur right arm) you disgusting CREATURE!!! Chaos ARROW!!!!” Arthur attack the creature using his ultimate power but the creature is can still move. “What my attack didn’t work. It’s the creature weakness, I knew I shouldn’t go to the kids fairytale story Library. (The creature Attacks) AHHHH!!!!!” “ARTHUR!!! Huh…. I thought I heard his voice of his. Where am I? This place is dusty and has lots of vines covering the ceiling.” I was awake from my sleep. “I see your awake, princess Melody. Remember me?” “HUH!! Nathan!” At the stairs, Jeremy was nearly to the room where Melody is…. “Huh, huh *I am nearly there, Melody. I’ll save you for sure*” “Ugh…..(The creature Attack) AHHH!!! *I can’t survive like this, Melody, Jeremy, Help….* AHHHHH!!!!” Arthur suffers more and more trying to guess what is the creature weakness. “MELODY! Nathan? What did you do to melody, Where’s Melody?” Jeremy asks angrily “Well, why don’t you look outside.” Nathan was happy. I mean like so happy that Jeremy is here. I think he is expecting him. “Melody!!!! (Saw Melody in a cage) Why is she in there?” “Well if I don’t put her in there she will totally freak out and try to kill me so I make her fell asleep. Let’s make a fight and make a deal, if I win, Melody Dies. If you win I will let Melody free.” Nathan tries to make a deal with Jeremy. Please don’t accept it Jeremy…. Please. “Bring it on… (Nathan laughs) Why are you laughing for?” “Jeremy it’s a trap! Run!” Melody shouts. Jeremy tries to run but… “To late… Doodle Cut!” The cut was at Jeremy’s stomach. “Ugh *I suddenly feel itchy at my stomach. I can’t resist the itchiness* (Try to scratch)” “Stop! Don’t scratch it’s a disease. Let me heal you…” “Don’t ever think about it, Paralyze!” Nathan put a spell at me, I can’t move. How dare he do that to me? Jeremy did not scratch and he tried to control his itchiness. “I can’t give up (Nathan look at Jeremy) Fatal BLADE!!!” Jeremy used his powerful move. Nathan Gasp, “Fatal… Move is it… (Blood Cough) Ha-ha, that was fun but I won’t give up till next time, Jeremy.” Nathan disappears and I was release. “Jeremy, (Hugs) I thought I we will never get to see each other again. Wait, where’s Arthur?” “ARTHUR!!! He said that he will deal with a creature downstairs. The creature is Taraktile I think.” “Are you crazy that creature is impossible to kill! Arthur might die!” We panic and ran down the stairs. As we reach there we saw Arthur lying at the stair. It was full with blood. “Arthur, how dare you BEAST!!!!! Macholony Staff, Appear!!” I changed and attack “Jeremy, get out of here with Arthur. GO!! Let me deal with you beast. Since I can’t get any scratch, I’ll be fine.” “What do you mean can’t get any scratch…? You’re a human not a God.” Jeremy asks “Don’t you remember… You’re my soul. If the beast kills you, I’ll die so as you…. So don’t get close to the beast… Run, Go, Shoo….. I’ll deal with this beast.” “Owh… Good luck then. See ya!” Jeremy escapes safely with Arthur. “It’s you and me… Beast... Well let’s do this thing! Inferno Heart!!!” I used an attack that can make the beast pure but it doesn’t affect it. “What! (Beast attacks) Shield!!! (Attack block) Now it’s time for a death spell… Even though I didn’t master any spell it’s time to practice…. (Beast roar) PeairokwirJewlust…. I now borrow your power….. Death Light!” The spell works… The beast died slowly (Beast cries) “Yes, I did it! Ha-ha” I was so happy. Suddenly Nathan appeared in front of me “That was a good match, Melody but before you leave, let me give you a prize. (Approach Melody)” “What are you doing? Stay away from me! (I run) I say stay away from me…! (Nathan and Melody Kiss) ….. (Slaps Nathan) You idiot…” “I told you already, I will give you a prize.” Nathan said “A KISS!” Well let’s skip this part…. There is a lot of strong words in there so we don’t wanna teach more rude words to young readers here… if there is young readers. I unite with Jeremy and Arthur. “Melody your safe and you look grumpy… Are you okay?” Jeremy asks “I’m fine. How’s Arthur. Is he okay?” “I’m fantastic MELODY! Ouch…. Not that fantastic.” Arthur answers. Actually Arthur said ouch because his bones are broken. “Well, where are we heading…?” Jeremy asks “Pure Rock Mountains…. It’s the purest place on earth.” “Duh…. The place just said pure….. Read my lips Pee…. Yur…..” Arthur answers….. “I was just giving some details… Whatever, let get outta here!” We set of at the next morning….