• On day the overseer of gaia needed to summon a brave and the most powerful warrior of gaia. The overseer needed a warrior to fight off the evil warrior of neopets.This evil warriors name was DJKID1456 he would come on to gaia and hack peoples accounts or kill every fish in every aquarium. The overseer asked the WARRIOR XBOXMAN97 becuase of his super strenght and his duel wheeled abilty to duel wheeled a FLAME SWORD AND A ICE SWORD. The overseer told XBOXMAN97 of this battle 2WEEKS BEFORE THE BATTLE. XBOXMAN97 trained for this battle every day before the battle. On the day of the battle XBOXMAN97 AND DJKID1456 MET FOR THE FIRST TIME. They both walked to the arena together insulting eachother. The overseer of GAIA and the evil overseer of neopets sate on other sides of the arena watching the preap for the fight. Then the fight began and XBOXMAN97 DRAWED HIS SWORDS AND THREW THE FIST STRIKE OR ATTACK HE HIT DJKID1456 WITH HIS ICE SWORD AND FROZZE DJKID1456 THEN LITE HIM ON FIRE WITH THE FIRE SWORD AND DJKID1456 WAS KILLED!!!! GAIA WAS NEVER BOTHERED WITH NEOPETS AGIAN !!!!!!!!!