• I followed her to her home. It was pretty easy and I should have remembered where she lived. As she slowed down stopping to the door. I noticed that this wasn’t her house. I ran up to her, and she jumped in shock.”Hey! don’t do that.”She snapped. I looked down at her.”What do you think you’re doing?” She rolled her eyes.”Now I know you’re not that stupid, are you?” I looked at her my face became firm.”I’m not kidding why are you going in someone’s house?” She looked at me like I was crazy.”I’m not; I’m going in Katie’s house.” She knocked on my head.”You remember her right?” I looked up thinking. I looked back down smiling stupidly. She rolled her eyes. “Wow, you can’t even remember our old friend.” She opened the door.”Katie I’m here with our old friend.” I walked through the door behind her .Looking around the dark house. “I’m in the kitchen.” Yelled a familiar voice. We walked into the kitchen to see a girl with green eyes, and brown skin, and long black hair. She was washing the dishes, and listening to her iPod. I looked at her trying to remember her. Maria looked at me, and smiled.”You remember her now?” I shook my head. She rolled her eyes, and creep behind her. Before she could scare her. The girl turned around, and sprayed her with the water handled. I smiled at their reunion. After she stopped spraying she looked at me. “Who is this person Mar”? “Oh, him?” She grabbed the dry wash rag to dry herself off.”Well, don’t you remember?” She looked at M, then back at me. She walked up to Maria. “Nope don’t know him at all.” She smiled. I notice that she didn’t smile that big. I tensed upped. She looked at me from the corner of her eye. “Why are you so tensed?” I glared at her. She smirked. Maria just looked at both of us.”Uh-something wrong with you guys?”I looked at the girl.”What’s your name? You seem familiar?” “Katie Washburn.” I soon remember. “You’re the one who I would always race with, but I could never win.” She stared harder at me.”That was you?” She pointed her finger at me. I nodded my head happy to remember her. She smiled friendly. “Oh, yea now I remember” .She started to laugh.”What’s so funny?” Asked Maria. “She clam herself. “ I remembered when you asked me to race you, and at the end race you were going to win, but lost because someone spit, a spit ball at your head, and it hit your eye. Maria and Katie laughed. I looked at them with a pretend frown. ‘Well what if it was one of you guys?” They became quiet. I smiled in victory.”Yea that’s what I thought. I felt something hit my eye. “Hey.” They both began to laugh again. I turned towards them.”Who did that?”Opps”. Katie said still laughing. I smiled, and walked out the room.”Very funny.” The light turned on, and I sat on the purple couch. Maria sat by me smiling. I smiled back. I saw Katie listening to her iPod again cleaning the windows. “Turn on the TV I want some noise.” Said Katie walking to the sink. Maria pressed a button on the remote for the T.V. to turn on. We watched T.V for hours, but I wasn’t really watching .I was really watching Maria slowly fall to sleep. She looked more at peaceful now then the last time I saw her asleep.”Wow she’s actually sleeping without stirring. I looked at Katie. She was in her pajamas already. “About to go to bed?” She looked at me, and smiled. “Why would I”? I frowned. She laughed walking to Maria. “What are you doing?” I asked already knowing she was going to pick her up. “Well I think you already know.” She looked at me, and beamed. I saw fangs. I tensed. “I knew it; you’re a- “Vampire?” I looked at her, and got up.”Yes I’m a vampire, and you’re an angel, correct?” I nodded. “She walked slowly with Maria in her arms. I followed. I sat on Maria’s bed as Katie went in the closet. “What are you doing?” She grabbed a black leather coat. “What does it look like?” I shrugged. She rolled her eyes. “Look after Mar for me would ya?” I nodded.”Wait …does that mean you’re going to…”I looked down in shame. “Hey”. I looked up. She shook her head. “I don’t hunt people, I run to the forest, and hunt the animals. “ I smiled. “Good, because if you did we would have to battle.” She laughed, and a battle that I would look forward to. She smiled, and disappeared. I blinked a little hardly seeing her run off.”She’s still too fast.” I heard mumbles coming from Maria. She had a frown on her face.”No, nooo…” She said. She reached under the pillow, and pulled out a knife. My eyes grew wide.”I want to be with him…” She mumbled. “No! I yelled, and I grabbed the knife. She gasped in air, and shot her eyes open. She looked up at me. “What were you doing? She didn’t answer all she said was. “Let go.” I noticed that she wasn’t really awake. “Maria wake up.” I said calmly. “Let go’’. Was all she said. ‘No, I won’t now stop this, until you let go.” “I will not till I am with him”. I looked at her. “What?”She shook violently. “LET GO.., LET GO.., LET GO.., LET GO!!!!!!”

    For some reason the knife was slipping from my hands. “MARIA WAKE UP, CABE IS HERE!!!” She woke up, and sat up quickly, but the knife came down, and bulged into her chest. Her eyes widened in shock, and pain. My eyes did the same as she wailed in agony. “NO THIS WAS NOT SUPPOSE TO HAPPEN!!” “What did you do?” I turned around to see Katie standing there with wide eyes looking at the horror. “I didn’t mean to...” Maria’s screaming died down. I looked back to see Katie holding her hands to her wound. I stood behind her.”What is this?”Please…go …get blue…water. “What?” I didn’t understand what was really going on.”NOW!!” She growled. I ran from the bedroom to the fridge. I looked at everything till I saw a glass that looked like diamond with blue liquid inside. I grabbed in and, ran back. Katie was still holding her position with Maria. Maria had stop screaming, but was still shaking. I looked at Katie. “I have the water.” “Give it”. She growled. I gave her the liquid, and she broke the top part off, and poured it Maria’s mouth. All I did was watch, Hoping what she was doing was the right thing. Soon Maria stopped shaking. “Is she ok now?” Katie nodded, and got up walking out the door. I turned around looking at her.” Wait where are you going now?” She turned to me. Her eyes were lime green. “Your eyes” She nodded. “That took too much power.” She turned around. “I’ll have to hunt again, but…She turned halfway.”I ‘ll call someone to help you this time.” “Wait”. I called. She stopped. “Is it going to be a human?” She chuckled. “One is part human.” Then she disappeared. I didn’t see her that rime. I sighed looking at Maria. Waiting for the assistants to arrive. I heard a knock at the door. I slowly walked to it, and opened the door. At that moment I smelled it. I growled to one of the new guest. It was a natural enemy. It was an demon.

    End of chapter 2