• Dream


    My ears were still ringing from the shot. I couldnt beleive it. I saw the cold body on the floor. The killers eyes, they looked so terified. The puddle of red growing on the ground. Everything grew quiet. Then I heard distint sounds. The sound of the wepon hitting the floor. Then the footsteps, running.

    Chapter 1

    My eyes snapped open. Some Linkin Park song interupted my sleep. I was to tired to realise the name of it. Numb, maybe. I looked over at my alarm radio. It was flashing seven-thirty. I didnt want to get up though. I waited.. for another signal to move. The room grew extremely quiet.
    "Good morning Bayville!" That was the signal. Dang.
    "You just heard Linkin Park,'In The End' on K-Fm. The time is Seven-thirtyone here at the K-Fm station, we'll get right back to another hour block of music after this" The nazally voice annoucned... Annoying.
    I set up. I heard my back pop a bit. Then I looked around my room. Yup. Same as always. The same grey-blue paint on the wall. The same dark brown carpet. The same thick, blanket on my twin size bed. I noticed my computer humming. Shoot, i forgot to turn it off last night.
    I stood up, feeling almost.. Robotic. I got dressed without thinking about it. I didnt have any plans for today. It was Sunday. I just threw on sweats and a white shirt. Same routine. Wow my life was really boring.
    As I picked my blanket up to throw it back on the bad I noticed some red drops on my pillow. Crap I had another nose bleed. That was the third one this week. This always happens during the winter. I knocked the pillow off my bed then kicked it into a pile of dirty clothes.
    By this time another song had started playing. I dont notice it. Or maybe I did. I was too tired to think of it though. A quick flick of my power switch turned the fast paced drums off. I turned to my computer and touched the mouse. The screen came to life.
    Once again, same. I had several IMs from my friends asking were I was and why I wasnt talking. I need better friends. A few clicked got rid of most of the messages but one caught my interest. It was from Stacy.
    "OMG! Colton! You there? Did you hear the news?"
    "Colt? Get on!"
    "Come on!"
    "Colton this is important. Please get on when you can."
    Thats weird for her. Why didnt she just tell me? I would have sent her a message back but her status was offline. Oh well, im sure ill here about it today. What big news was she talking about? I dont remember anything really big happening. There was the story about that 12 year old kid who died. No one knows why he died either. It was a medical mystery really. He had no wounds on him. No bleeding at all. He was just found in his backyard liening under a tree. Poor kid..
    My mom was yelling my name down stairs. She was up early. I turned around to look out my window. UGH Snow.. Alot of it. The streets were filled. It must have snowed all night.. Its not that I hate snow. Its just really cold and I really hate the cold. I grabbed my hoodie off the back of my computer and headed down stairs.
    Leela, my dog, was asleep in the hall way. Her ears and her head perked up as soon as I opened the door and she jumped up to greet me. She was big for her age. I never noticed how big she really was untill she stood up and almost reached my face with hers. She was a pretty brown and black border colie with white paws. We've had here sense she was a very young puppy. Almost new born. Our old neighbors had given her to us when there dog had a litter of puppies. Too many for them to take care of. We gladly took her in. My mom yelled again.
    I ran down stairs.