• Prologue

    tab As many dragons started to gather inside of a large room, a gray dragon laid on a bed struggling to take in air he was able to utter out, “When the father of good and evil’s life comes to a close all shall fight among each other. However, in the midst of this fighting, six special powers will be released, once into animals of great ability and once amongst the releaser, but then sons of the father will split them three for three. Even though the sides of the six power-holding pairs will change throughout the fight, only…” he stopped suddenly letting out a deep breath of air, unable to finish before destiny decided it was his time to leave.
    tab After a moment of time one of the other dragons looked around as he asked, “Do you think that the lorona was telling us about wha…”
    tab Another one shot back, “Don’t be foolish! The king couldn’t have been telling us what’ll happen,” but was unable to hide the fear in his voice as he added, “At least not right now…”
    tab Soon after everyone started to fuss amongst themselves about which one of the king’s twins was fit to take the throne, “I say we need to get Awakliou on to be our new lorona right away!” one exclaimed.
    tab “No! Trancliou is the best choice, he’ll know what to do!” a second on bellowed.
    tab “Yeah, before or after he ruins the land?!” a third dragon shot back, “Everyone knows that Awakliou’s the best choice, he’ll promote peace amongst all of us!” and the argument just started to escalate with none of them know they were starting the fight the recently deceased king just mentioned.