• Blade quickly kicked the man in the gut and pulled out a type 23 pistol. Its sleek design and good performance, along with its ability to deal with targets nonlethal, made it a good weapon for most occasions of self defense. Blade pulled the trigger and with a little “putt” a dart hit attacker in the forehead.
    The man was out and Blade had no reason to stay around that area. Blade ran off the way he was going before. Ahead he almost ran into a man aiming at him. Blade quickly stopped and threw a kick at the sniper’s face and quickly grabbed the weapon. It was a bolt action riffle that was more compact than other weapons. It still required both hands but it was lighter. The sniper was holding on to the weapon due to its high cost. Blade quickly kicked the gun and it discharged but it left the grip of the original owner. A second later the sniper pulled out a handgun and shot at Blade. Before the bullet collided he disappeared. He felt compressed and all he could see was tiny lights moving out of the way quickly. Suddenly the compressed feeling stopped. Suddenly everything came into focus with a hard snap. He saw green grass and a blue sky. He was kneeling on one knee and was completely alone. He still had his rifle but his clothes were gone. They were replaced with black clothes and leather gloves. He got up. He heard a voice talk to him and it was like an automated machine. “You have been chosen to stage a battle between “good” and “evil” among the planets. Your place will be “evil” and you must fulfill it…” every time the voice said evil it sounded as if it didn’t mean it. “… if you refuse to you will die. That is not subject to any discussion. You will be given abilities. Yours will help you construct an army and your natural talent will allow you to inspire and train others. Your abilities are as the fallowing. Invincibility, your rifle is enchanted, you can summon materials at your will and you can enchant others with the fallowing abilities: Strength, speed, aim, luck, mental abilities. Now head right to find a village with someone who believes in me. Do not say anything about me. Also don’t make an comments that’s the way they are suppose to look.” The voice cut off. Blade looked to his right and saw a faint trace of smoke. He started heading to it. He looked at his rifle with questions.
    After what seemed like a minute he got to the source of the smoke and readied his gun. The village was quiet and they were all sitting around a giant bonfire with their eyes closed. The longer Blade watched the more irritated the creatures sitting around the fire got. Blade was very surprised at what he was looking at. All the creatures sitting crossed legged around the fire had feathers and wings. Blade was looking at many eagle people. Blade decided to call this race Tribals. He saw that Eagles weren’t the only people he was looking at. He also saw two people that had cat like qualities but were sitting in the circle without actually trying to go into deep thought. Blade measured them as rambunctious teens that were here to see some spectacle. Blade was confused as to why anybody would look for something interesting here having that attitude.
    Blade moved quietly into the round tent he was hiding behind and closed the flap. The fire started to crackle louder. When blade turned around he heard a startled yelp and he quickly turned around. Another Tribal was holding a knife up with a scared look in his eyes. The Tribal lowered his knife a bit but still had it up. Blade realized what a stranger he must look like in that world. “w-who are you?” the Tribal asked frightened. “Nobody.” Blade said. “shhh. Don’t let them hear you. Now who are you?” the Tribal asked again quietly. “I am nobody.” Blade said again. “Then why aren’t you perfect?” the Tribal asked. Blade noted that his voice was high so this Tribal had to be in the teens. “What’s your name?” Blade asked the Tribal. “It’s Tribal Eagle.” The Tribal said. Blade grinned at the slight irony of that comment. “Well call me Blade.” Blade said the Tribal. The fire started to crackle with ferocity as if trying to ward Blade off.
    Blade pointed his rifle at Tribal. “Now that we have met put the knife down. I don’t want to hurt you but I will if I have to.” Blade said. Tribal put his hands up and dropped the knife. The “clink” Blade expected to hear did not come but instead a soft “fumf” as the side of the blade hit the floor. Suddenly Blade saw something in Tribal’s mind. It was a prophesy about the death of all but one when the flames hit the sky. At the moment the flames became louder and they could talk normally without being overheard. Blade said “congratulation. You get to be the one that lives if you help me.” Blade said, and Tribal thought for a moment. “Help with what?” Tribal asked interestedly. “Taking over the world.” Blade said without emotion. Tribal made what seemed to be an earnest smile and then replied “dude, honestly?” Tribal almost raised his voice. Blade grinned at the word “dude” because of the fact that he didn’t think any terms really carried over. “Yes. I need help finding out about the land and I still need people to help me start an organization.” Blade said and Tribal seemed as if a god that just offered him to become his champion. “Yes!” Tribal said and he would have been heard if it had not been for the large fire.
    “Ok well now how come you don’t want them to find you?” Blade asked. “Well I don’t want to join in there stupid session. They are all suppose to die today according to the profit of our village but apparently it has something to do with our flames. So I will wait here so they can all burn while I am safe.” Tribal said with contempt. “Aren’t your parents there?” Blade asked. “Yeah but I don’t care if they burn. They “wanted what’s best for me.” So they decided that it would have to be moving to someplace without technology. Man this place is a dump and my parents have lost any care for me.” Blade made a bit of a sad face and Tribal quickly corrected his mistake “Trust me it’s not angst. They really don’t care for me. If I ask them something they tell me to ask the elders. Any questions I ask they do that. If they feel a question mark then they tell me to ask the elder. I don’t think they are my parents anymore.” Tribal said and he seemed less angry and sadder. Blade blinked and suddenly everything was in black and white tones. The most common color was grey but he still considered it black and white. He saw that Tribal stopped altogether and he heard no noise. He went outside and saw that Tribal wasn’t the only person who stopped. Everything had stopped moving but him.
    Blade saw something odd over everybody’s brain but the two cats. Suddenly he looked towards the sun and saw that it was blocked out. Writing hung in the air held up by nothing. “You are using hunter’s vision. You can see things almost nobody else can see. Right now you have stopped time and you can see the light magic infecting their brains. You will want to kill them before they can do any damage.” Was all that was written. Blade took out his rifle and looked at it. Its shape was still the same and it was still bolt action.
    Blade took aim and shot a round at the person with the heaviest affected brain. Suddenly all of the other heads seemed less affected. The bullet burned in the fire. Blade tried to unload the weapon but when he pulled the handle no shell came out. Confused Blade pulled the trigger while aiming at another affected villager and shot. The villager died but Blade wished he could pierce the fire. The angle was so perfect.