• I will be writing the chapters of my new story on here. So look for a new chp. about every two weeks.
    heres some inportant info to remember while reading the story

    -Aaron has wrecked 215 alarm clocks since the begining of the year and it's only May when this story takes place
    -Amaya is a vampire. Aaron is a werewolf, Dawn is an elf, Jessica is a wereguinea pig, Summer is a druid (a druid is a tree spirit), Leah is a wickin (if you don;t know what a wickin is look it up), Joselynn is a wickin, Matt is a vampire, Sophie is a vampire, the mom is a werewolf, and the dad is a vampire
    -Aaron is a girl she has the boy spelling because there was a mix up at the hospital and so now there's a boy whose name is Erin out there, cry lol lol

    I'll give you more hints as the story progresses.