• me surprised k mom ill go look for my ride by my self safely.
    (in my head): god does she think im a child or what?
    stranger walks up: weres ur parents?
    me:none of ur
    stranger sad grabs my hand and walks away with me).
    me:get the hell of me!
    stranger:never u idiot child!
    me: (screams loudly) MOM HELP DAD, oh wait hes not here, HELP!
    employee at themepark: hey ur twisted dude! is this even ur child!
    stranger sad takes out a gun) no and i dont care.
    me sad chokes)
    mom: ahh my baby nnnnnnnnnoooooo!
    stranger: what this ur child well u can keep this little brat. but first let me shoota.
    scream gonk stressed sad mad cry crying