• I was just about settled in for the night when I heard my bedroom window
    opened. I jumped up but saw no one. I tried to convince myself it was
    the wind but when I truned around to lay back down I saw Nick.
    I yelped.''What are you doing here''? ''Beth right. Look I dont care what Dane
    says. I can tell you're very useful''. ''W-What''? Nick paused not wanting to go into details. ''Come on-Join us''! ''No...''. Even though I didnt want him to think
    he was welcome here after what he did to Lauren and Dane. ''Well you kinda
    dont have a choice'', he said. I glared at him. He laned over to my ears.
    ''Let me rephrase that sentence for you''. I stared straight out in fear. What was he going to do with me? ''Why do you want me for''? I questioned him in
    fear and benifit of the doubt. ''Join us'', was all he said. I sighed. ''Ok''.