• Kaia stared out over the vast plains and oceans she knew so well. Was it odd for her to love them so? Even though she was alone, she could not help but feel together with everything she had created. Not once had she stopped to think, "Maybe I should give something to this emptiness?" Never did she consider making something to fill the silence that surrounded her. This was her world. She did not need anything. Just herself and the timeless moments with which to watch over the world of hers. How could she have known that she could never truly be alone? How could she have known that everything in this world would not belong to her? She controlled every inch of space. So then why, she wondered, was time non existent? No matter how hard Kaia tried, she could not control the time. Focusing her mind, even uttering prayers in her own language, but nothing Kaia did was enough to begin time's flow. This made Kaia extremely angry. What had she done to time to deserve such punishment? Was her world not meant to have any time? So it was, that Kaia closed her eyes and fell deep into the narrow corners of her mind. I must create someone who will control time for me. She thought desperately. I will not lose to time. As Kaia delved deeper and deeper into her mind, she could feel a creature forming beside her. Upon opening her eyes, his name came to her. "Diga." She said in her language. "Kaia." Diga replied. It seemed to Kaia that Diga already knew her language. "kaia, I have been sent to control time, while it is you who controls space. Are you willing to put the control of time in my hands?" Kaia nodded. "No matter what I do, I cannot control this thing called time." With that, Diga closed his eyes. An aura seemed to engulf him as Kaia watched. Then, suddenly, with no warning, Diga let out an ear shattering roar. All around her, Kaia could feel things moving, the sounds of time beginning to flow. She could hear the wind blow and the clouds breathe as time pushed forward. Things were moving now that time existed. "Thank you." Kaia bowed sincerely. "It was my pleasure." Diga said. "Now, we must watch serenely over what has been created, for we are soon not to be the only creatures living in this world." Kaia did not understand, but she agreed, nonetheless.
    As Kaia leapt up into the sky to watch over her part of creating the world and Diga faded away into the very moments of time, neither of them could have seen the Large creature that had been watching over them the entire time. This creature let out a low rumble of laughter. "Next, I will create the one who will cause this perfect world mischief. Girati, come forth."This creature's, Arsus', voice echoed, but only he and this Girati heard it. "Girati, you will create the Distortion along side this perfect world. Then, they will live in harmony."