• "Why do I have to I have to get so many things at once?" I asked myself. My parents had made me go shopping for them. But I didn't mind helping them out since they are very busy with their jobs and sometimes even have to go oversees for a few months, There were just so many things on that list! "Huh? Wait, isn't this a new shop? I don't know....I haven't seen it before." I stopped in front of the shop. On the store it had a sign that said 'Falling Star Jewelry'.
    "I-It looks so cute! W-Well, I guess I could take a quick look inside before I go home!" I said nervously as I walked inside.

    That girl is Momoko Hitarasa. She goes to Shioshi High School. She is 15 years old, 9th grade. She has dark brown eyes and brown hair. Her color is orange.

    Nikki Nilson a.k.a. Anime1423 presents to you a story she is writing and came up with herself!

    *~ Be Mine ~*


    The walls of the shop were white with gold and silver trimmings. There was pretty jewelry all around.
    'Wow!' I thought. I began to walk through the store. That's when something caught my eye. I walked over to it. It was a beautiful red bracelet. It had red balls connected together with thin red string. One ball had been replaced with a beautiful red cross.
    "Waaa! So pretty!" I looked at the price tag on it, "Wow! That sure is cheap! I wonder...." I opened up my wallet."Yes! I have enough! Lucky!" I picked up the bracelet and brought it to the counter. But nobody was behind it.
    "Um, excuse me? Is anybody here?" I asked.
    "Kya! Oh, I'm back here! I'll be right with you!" a voice said. I heard some crashes of glass and other un-makable sounds. A girl came out of the door behind the counter. She had light green hair and was wearing a cute purple tank top with a pair of wings on them and a blue skirt.
    "I'd like to buy this." I said putting the bracelet onto the counter.
    "Really?! Thanks!" she cheerfully smiled as she took the money I gave her. I was waiting for her to but the bracelet into a bag, when before I knew it, she was putting the bracelet on my right wrist.
    "Well, I'd better be going. Thank you!" I waved good-bye and exited the shop. My hands were now hurting from the bags I was carrying. 'I really should get home now.'I thought. I walked a ways to the train station. After two stops I got off and began walking down another street filled with shops. A shop caught my eye. 'Sunrise Accessories, huh? Cute name for a shop.' I thought to myself, but the thing that had made me notice the shop was not the name but the color. Orange. I immediately walked inside. 'Heaven!' I thought as I saw that the inside was also orange.
    "Thank you, come again!" a voice said. I looked next to me.
    'WOW! A counter right next to the door! That I didn't expect!' I moved out of the way so two girls could get out. I walked further into the shop.
    "Wow! Is that a real ruby? I think it IS! I have to try it on!" I picked up a necklace. Thin red string held up a diamond shaped red ruby that was held in place by two pieces of metal curls. I looked for a mirror in the store. When I found one I put the necklace on.
    "Hm...not bad!" I spun around once and made poses in front of the mirror.
    "You put it on, you buy it." said a blunt voice.
    "Kya!" I screamed surprised.
    The voice came again, "Honestly!" I looked behind me. There was a girl with dark blonde hair. It almost looked brown.
    "E-Excuse me?" I asked.
    "You try it on, you buy it." She repeated.
    "Hey! That's not fair! How should I know?" I asked, irritated. I mean, how should I know? The girl pointed at a poster on the counter. It said exactly what she had said,'you try it on, you buy it.'
    "Cash up!" she ordered, sticking her hand out.
    "Aw man!" I looked at the price tag. When I saw the price I rubbed my eyes and looked at it again. 'What's up with this? This is so cheap I can buy three of them!' I thought. I handed the money to the girl and left right after that.

    When I got to my house, I pulled out my keys and opened the door.
    "I'm home!" No one answered. I went into the kitchen and put the bags on the counter. I headed for the refrigerator. There was a note hanging on it. I took the note in my hand as I opened the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of water. While I read the note while I drank half of the bottle. I put both down.
    "They had to go oversees for urgent work,huh. Well, I'm used to it, so no big deal."
    I stayed up for a while until I got bored and decided to go to bed. I went upstairs and changed into my pajamas. I tried to take my bracelet off.
    "Huh, that's strange. Can't seem to get it off...well, I'll leave it on until tomorrow I guess." Next I tried to get my necklace off, but that wouldn't come off either.
    "Yawn! Oh...well..." I said as I crawled into bed and fell asleep.