• when cloud leaves yuna for an unknown reason.Yuna cant move on and still wishing that cloud will come back.

    the people are worried not because yuna is suffering but the souls of their love ones are becoming fiends.

    therefore,yuna summoned in able to calm down the people who believes on her power.

    yuna doesnt feel well while summoning.....and everyone knows it...

    a stranger come out of nowhere.rikku introduce the stranger to yuna as tidus.
    wakka said that from that day on tidus will be his guardian.

    yuna accepts tidus not as a guardian but as a friend too.


    years pass,cloud never showed up.

    yuna and tidus are now even more close but theres a tiny problem that yuna can't decide what to do.

    yuna is falling form tidus,she knew that tidus loves her too but what if cloud came back?

    yuna can see visions about cloud's return and she is not sure about it.


    alas,cloud came back,like yuna's visions.he is back for yuna.

    when cloud hug yuna,yuna didn't smile nor say hello.
    she is looking for someone and cloud can feel it.

    when tidus came and saw cloud hugging yuna he quickly run for yuna.

    "no tidus don't!!!!!!"yuna shout form tidus.

    "let her go!"tidus command to cloud

    cloud's face is puzzled.

    "im sorry."yuna whispered to cloud.

    tidus stayed where he is.cloud look yuna anxiously.

    "i know you will come back but you know that i can't wait forever."
    "i suffered a lot when you leave without any reason.you didn't even told me when are you coming back again!"yuna's eyes are with tears now.

    "i know that you can see me in your visions."cloud answered

    "but i can't depend on my visions cloud!"yuna shout

    when cloud let go yuna.she run to tidus and hug him.

    "i think i found the best for me."yuna said while looking on cloud.

    cloud just stood still never speak a word and let tidus and yuna walked away.


    "the guardian needs to go now"wakka said to yuna

    its been a week since yuna and cloud see each other.

    "tidus will go?but where?"yuna asked anxiously.

    "yuna,tidus doesn't belong to our world.he is just here to fulfill his mission.to help you save us all."rikku said.

    yuna looked to tidus.he saw tidus dissappearing hands.

    "no he can't!"yuna shout.

    "if he stays he will die!"wakka beg yuna.


    tidus has gone back to where he really belongs.
    the summoner is in agony again.

    "why does everybody leaves me?why i can't deserve something i really wanted?!?"yuna said while crying inside her room.

    "dont blame yourself.."clouds voice came out of nowhere.

    "i never leave you."he added.

    "what do you mean?where are you cloud?"yuna asked.

    "i didn't leave you without any reason.i leave cause my greatest enemy came back.if i told you that im gonna leave you and go to him he will probably attack you and take you as a bait.he can read minds yuna."

    "i beg aerith to help me.he send someone who will protect you while im gone."

    "its been a long journey and i know that you missed me a lot."

    "after i killed my enemy i came back.but aerith told me about your feelings for tidus."

    "i should never came back yuna.tidus dissappear because im back."

    "we cant be here at the same time as aerith have told me."

    "sorry for i cause you another pain."

    then cloud hug yuna tight.


    so she loved the same person.