• Chapter 1

    “How’s this?” she smiled and looked at him. “had to leave the floating island to get it, but it was worth it.” She opened her hands and showed him what she was holding. It was a small star made of bluish colored crystal. He took the star from her and held it to the sun. His eyes grew wide and he smiled. The star was sparkling as the suns rays hit it. He then pocketed the star and looked at her. “The crystal star of Galactic city. Finally its ours Aura. You do good work” He said in a cocky tone. He looked at his friend. She nodded. “of course lord Kadaja. Anything for you.”
    “there they are!” yelled a voice. Aura and Kadaja looked behind themselves. Aura Gasped. A group of soldiers were standing behind them, with guns cocked, ready to shoot and kill them both. Aura took a step back. “hand over the crystal and you will, at least, walk away with your lives.” the front soldier yelled. Kadaja laughed. He took the crystal out of his pocked and held his hand out.
    “you want this?” he asked. The front soldier looked at him with confusion, then looked at the other soldiers. They nodded and he walk towards him. Aura glared at kadaja.
    “what are you doing?” she whispered in a sharp tone. He looked at her and took a small step back.
    “nothing” he said in a cocky tone. He griped the crystal and looked at it. “except this!” He looked back and ran to the edge of the island and looked down. All he could see was sky and clouds and no land.
    “Aura you got the crystal down on Galactic, off the floating island?” he looked at her. She looked surprised but nodded anyway. In the background he could hear the soldier yelling to him to give up the crystal. He ignored it of course. He closed his eyes and looked at Aura, then smirked. “bye my friend.” He took a step back then ran and jumped off the edge. Aura Gasped and yelled out in a mix of terror and surprise. The soldier who had been calling for him to return the crystal ran to the edge. The soldier looked over the edge. “theres no sign of him” he said. Then, while looking at Aura, grabbed her arm and dragged her to the edge of the island. He then points down,
    “Look what he did!” the soldier yelled. “The crystal’s gone!” he squeezed Aura’s Arm hard. She winced a bit and bit her lip. He looked at her again then back to his soldiers. “you will die!”


    Asher woke up, and she was in a sweat. Panting she sat up and curled herself into a ball. This was the third night she has had this same dream; a man and his friend stealing a crystal and he jumps off the island with the crystal, ultimately falling to his death and his friend about to be killed. And every night she wakes up at the part when the girl, Aura, is about to be killed. Asher hated this. She laid back down and looked at her ceiling. “why do my dreams cut off when at the same part every night?” she said to herself. Asher closed her eyes and eventually went back to sleep, still keeping this thought in her mind; the thought of the girl Aura in her dreams.


    “you will die!” the man yelled. Aura closed her eyes. In her head, without a doubt, she knew she was going to die. She clenced her fist. The soldier took out his sword and held it to her neck. “Say good night” he said. She opened her eyes and looked into his.
    “goodnight” she mumbled.

    Asher woke up again, this time deciding to stay awake. She didn’t want to go back to sleep. She didn’t want to see what her dreams were going to show her, she didn’t want to see death.
    Asher sat up and got out of bed and walked to the mirror on her wall. She looked into it. “its weird” she said to herself. “I look just like her. What was her name again?” Asher shook her head. This dream had been stressing her out. She stepped away from the mirror and went back to her bed and sat down on it. Why was this dream bothering her so much? Maybe it was the fact that the girl in the dream looked just like her or maybe it was the way the girl in the dream was brutally killed? She didn’t know but all she knew was that it was bothering her.
    Asher shook her head and got up again. “It was just a dream, nothing more nothing less.” She told herself. She looked around her room and then walked to the door. She opened it and walked into her living room.
    The living room was big, well big enough for her atleast. There were two couches and a big plasma screen tv in the room and hooked up to the tv was her Playstation 3. On the walls were paintings made by famous artists suck as Picasso a DiVInci, and the walls were painted a light blue color. Her whole living room itself had oak wood flooring. Needless to say, Asher is a rich girl. Although Asher was rich, she still is unhappy. The house she lives in, the stuff she owns, everything belonged to her parents, who of which died a two years ago. They both died in a car accident, well atleast that’s what shes been told and that’s what she’s belived all there years.
    Asher walked through the living room and out of her house. She needed to go for a walk, not caring that it was 3 in the morning and not caring that perverts and rapists prowled the streets and this time of day. All she needed was to clear her mind. Not of the dream, but of her life in general.
    True Asher is a rich girl, but she is still very unhappy. Asher had no friends. None. No one has ever liked her. Everyone in school(when she went) hated her. Although she didn’t care(or acted like she didn’t) one thing did bother her about this, they had no reason not to like her, they just didn’t like her. She had tried to be nice to them, she had tried to pick conversation up with them but it all failed. They would make fun of her, they would take her stuff, and they would throw stuff at her too. This made Asher depressed. She always wanted to have friends, but it was apparent she never will. No amount of money could make the pain of having no one go away.
    It was a crisp cool night. Asher noticed this right away after leaving her house and walking to the sidewalk. She also noticed the sky. It was clear with bright stars twinkling in it. Asher always loved stars. Each star was a gateway to the afterlife, atleast that’s what her parents had always told her. “Every star is a pathway to the spirit world. So every star is important no matter how dim it is.” her mom used to tell her this when she was a little girl. Asher looked at the stars and frowned. “if every star is a pathway to the spirit world,” she said as she held her hand to the sky. “why wont you let me walk you?”
    “hey you there!” yelled a voice. Asher jumped a bit and pulled her hand down. She looked around for where the voice came from. It cam from behind her. “why are you out here?” the voice asked again. Asher looked at the person who asked the question. The person was a girl. She was about Asher’s height and had jet black hair. She wore a fishnet shirt above a black tang top. She wore a black skirt with belts and chains and knee high boots with fish net stockings. “im just going for a walk.” Asher answered.
    The girl looked at Asher then approached her and looked at Asher up and down. She shook her head.; Her blood red eyes glaring deep into her crystal blue eyes. “ Its kinda late to be taking a walk don’t you think?” She asked in a cocky tone. Asher knew she didn’t like this girl, she knew there was something weird about her.
    “DOes it matter to you?” Asher asked. Asher hoped the girl could hear the annoyance in her voice. Asher hoped this would make this weird girl go away. But apparently she didn’t catch the hint. The girl continued to look at her.
    “My names Inari,” the girl said while walking away from Asher “but you should already know this.” she turned around and looked at Asher. “I’m surprised you didn’t recognize me,” inari said, “but then again im not used to seeing you without him.” Inari smirked.
    Asher looked at Inari with a surprised look. She should know her? That’s ridiculous, shes never seen inari before in her life. And who was the ‘he’ Inari spoke of? Asher shook her head. “Your mistaken. Ive never seen you before in my life.” Inari let out a laugh. Surprisingly, her laugh sounded innocent, just like the laugh of a child. She then walked towards Asher. She look surprisingly pissed.
    “Your memory must suck. How could you forget me? You were my best friend.” Inari yelled. She then wiped her eyes. “you were like…” she stopped mid sentence then walked away from Asher. “If you cant remember me then time hasnt healed what was done so long ago.” she disappeared into the darkness. Asher looked confused. What did she mean by ‘what was done so long ago’? She shook it off and continued her walk. There was no reason she should stop the walk because of what some girl said to her.
    As she walked the neighborhood she felt something following her. Every time she got a feeling of someone or something behind her, Asher turned around and looked. And every time she looked, there would be nothing there. Asher shook her head. She tried to get that weird Inari girl out of her mind. But she couldn’t. She sighed and turned around and looked back decided that she would walk back to her house.