• I ducked behind one of the walls that provided cover. A bullet whizzed by my head, knocking a chunk of the wall off. I fumbled with the gun I had been given, trying my hardest to unhook the empty clip to put in a new one. I wasn't one for guns, and had never even held one before today.
    Another chunk of the wall came off, this time knocking me in the head. It knocked the clip out of my hand, which slid out in the open. With a sigh of frustration, I rummaged through my pockets, until I extracted the small mirror shard from my pocket. I scooted to the edge of the wall, and put my mirror out. I could see four gun men, all who had their sights honed in on my location.
    This was going to take luck, and fast movement.
    Ina split second I had stood, and run out from behind the wall, grabbing the clip. Bullets rained around me. But I was closing in on the other wall. Sweet, sweet, cover...
    It did not last long as a roaring pain ran through my leg. I fell to the ground, but thankfully rolled behind the cover. I looked down at my leg. The bullet had hit my four inches above the knee cap, and burrowed somewhere in my leg. I would have to ignore it, and trudge on.
    After must frustration and swearing, I had put in the new clip. I stood slowly, testing the pain in my leg. It was a lot, but I could take it. I hope.
    I aimed around the corner and shot at the ones who had pinned me. I heard the clank as a bullet went through one of their helmets. The rest was natural.
    It was a few lucky shots, that's all. But they weren't who I was aiming for.
    In the distance, i could see Commander Royce. He was the leader of this army, and the enemy of the rebels and freedom fighters. He was our target.
    With weighted difficulty, I ran up to the next wall. I was not far behind Gray, who had somehow stopped, dropped, and rolled out of The Rig, which had gotten up to speeds of 50 miles an hour through the crowds, miraculously.
    I wouldn't be surprised if we ran over some people and didn't even notice it.
    I looked over the corner, and had to quickly go back, yet again. More people were waiting for me. A few rounds from the gun, though, and I was clear.
    I ran up to the sandbags that a few rebels sat behind. Two sat at a machine gun, one supplying ammo to the gun as as it drilled away at the enemy.
    Gray was shooting at troops that got by. I walked (or hobbled) up to him. "Gray, I'm here. What's the status?"
    "We got them pushed back here. Mack and Sharyl were even able to move them back fast enough that they could acquire that gun."
    With a swift movement, I shot a soldier in the head that Gray had missed. He whistled. "Sure you've never held a gun in your life?"
    "Never. But, when I lived at the Manor, I took bow lessons."
    "Lived at the manor? I thought you were a demon form the slums."
    "What? I never said that."
    Talking had to stop, as the troops tried to bum rush us. It was a futile attempt, but still a good try.
    "After this is all over, I wanna know why a demon lived in a Manor."
    I laughed. "No problem. It's not like it's a secret or anything. I just never talked about it much."
    A buzz came over the walkie talkie that lay at Gray's feet. It was Natalie.
    "Yoo hoo! I'm ready to bring The Rig in, whenever your ready. Anneta and Marisol just finished adding the last bit of... fire power."
    "Not yet, Nats. I'll call you when we're ready!"