• 'Witches', 'Demons', there are manythings they call us. But none are true to what we call ourselfs. The ones that stand for balance, purity, and everything good in this world. You remember salem right? How the peek of the killings were in 1692, mainly in September. The humans think they killed most of us off, but in reality they only killed twenty five of us. Alot right? Not realy, not when it is compared to the thousands of inocent humans that were grusomely killed, whether it be by pressing, drowning, or the worse death, burning at the steak.
    Which is what we now want to prevent from happening again. We are in hiding, waiting for the right time to prove we are not daughters and sons of the devil, but humans with abbililties no one can really explain.
    We hide, for fear more inocent people will be killed off for of those who fear us. But one thing is for sure. There is darkness brewing from all sides. And we will be here waiting. For they will answer to the Chreader's call.