• In The Beginning

    The date was August 16th, 2009. There was a new species that was deadly and unforgivable. It was not an animal though. It was an insect. It was a cross from Killer Bees and Army Ants. They were a very poisonous species. It was on the news everywhere. They named it the Bio Swarm. The bad part is, there were trillions of them.
    I worked at the Nuclear Testing Factory of the United States. It was an easy job that paid well and that I liked a lot. I was working one day when I found a leak in one of the big containers. It led all the way outside. I then decide to hit the alarm.
    After everyone was evacuated from the building, I went to check how bad the spill was. I didn’t have to worry at all with my gas protective suit on. There was a gigantic swarm of insects about six inches tall with huge wings. ‘Oh No,’ I thought. It was the Bio Swarm!
    I ran into the building to the danger/supply closet. I grabbed the flame thrower and strapped it to my back. I ran out and scorched the bugs. They didn’t seem to be affected at all what so ever. Accept for the part where they got angry.
    I dropped the flame thrower which I was lucky I did. The bugs flew straight toward it. I ran and about two seconds after I took off running it blew up. It seemed to distract them for a few seconds. They then took off at about 200 mph.
    After I helped them all clean it up, my boss let me go early for the troubles. I tried to stay and say I was fine, but they made me go home.
    When I got home about an hour later, I flipped the TV on. On it was the news reporter saying”Just in, the angered Bio Swarm takes its first life. On the TV, it showed a little boy maybe about five or six years old.
    I then decided that it was my goal to take this deformed storm out, before it could kill anymore.