• The Runaway

    By: Jarred Morrison

    Chapter 1: The Unreleased Truth

    I don’t know who I am, or how I got here, but what I do know is that I’m in danger of what has been following me. I continued panting as I dashed around the corner. “I saw him ahead of us just now!” I heard someone yell. I leaned back blending into the shadows. A few seconds later I saw some soldiers run past me, bearing rifles in their arms. I stayed where I was for a while just to know if I had been spotted or not. I then got up to see if anyone was coming, and to my luck there was. I stayed down for a few seconds until he passed by. I jumped up and grabbed him and pulled him back and took his gun. This is my chance, I ran.
    It all happened two days back, I was at a gas station paying for a full tank of gas for my bike. I was in the pop isle when suddenly I heard someone yell. “I want everything you got in the cash register. Or else someone gets a bullet through there head.” Now I know this was serious stuff because he had one gun pointed at the cashier with a bag on the counter, and the other one pointed at the head of a hostage. I pulled my gun out of my pocket and cocked it back loading a bullet into the barrel. I aimed the gun at the gun pointing at the hostage and shot. Blood splattered all over the semi wall in front of the cashier. “GWAHH!” he screamed. He turned towards me and shot. I turned and ducked behind the shelf. The bullet hit the freezer, glass shot everywhere. “I don’t know what got into your little mind that you should be a hero but I don’t see a badge on you so I’m going to guess you’re just a regular old person. But if you want to still be the hero then I will let you know this I’ll soon be leaving with one hostage. If you follow this hostage will be shot and the blood will be on your hands. So just try.” He yelled.
    As he said he picked up a hostage and left. I didn’t have time to think of anything but I knew I must do something. I got up and ran for the door. I pushed open the door, I ran out. As he promised he had his gun to the hostages head. “Come on now.” I said. “Put the gun, or else.” “Or else what?” he asked. “I don’t think you are in the position to be making demands.” He yelled. As he gestured his hand to the gun pointed at the hostage. “OH GOD, HELP ME. PLEASE!” she yelled. Oh no I did it again I jumped in the middle of something again.
    As I ran all I could hear is the scream of the siren. Corner after corner I turned. It all seemed like a maze to me, I hated mazes. Then like luck the exit became clear to me. The flood lights shined bright in the sky, flashing here and there. Yells could be heard all through the air. Freedom at last, it’s mine. But then I knew my luck was gone because I heard someone yell “There he is!” and the only thing I was left thinking, was “NO!”
    What am I going to do? I was caught in a hostage situation, and there is nothing left I could do. I guess I would just have to trust my luck. But today my luck was out, because when I lifted my gun to shoot he pulled all there was left was the sound of gun shots and blood splatter against the ground. The bullet I shot had hit the suspect but I shot too late, because the hostage was dead too. “No. no, no, no!” I dropped my gun and put my hands on my face. A few minutes later a patrol car zoomed in to the parking lot, the lights flaring. The doors on the car opened and two police officers jumped out and pointed their guns at me and yelled. “You there, get up and put your hands on your head.” I did as they said. One of them ran over as the other one kept his gun pointed at me. In seconds hand cuffs had been placed upon my wrist and I had been place in the patrol car.
    Minutes later I was in the county jail. Being question on what I knew I told them everything they wanted to know. They seem to stick to the same questions though. “Why in the blazes did you have a gun on you? Why didn’t you call us? What in the world were you thinking, rushing out there? Didn’t you know it was a hostage situation?” I felt like a total idiot. The interrogators left the room for a few minutes. In that time I thought about what a total idiot I had been. When they came back in they looked at me and said. “According to your profile your name is Christopher Jackson. Right?” he asked. “Yes, sir” I answered. “Well…” I knew what was coming and it didn’t make feel relieved at all. “Christopher you get one phone call.”
    “You put the rifle down!” one officer yelled. I winced trying to make out the figure in front of me. But the flood lights were too bright. “No, not until you tell me why I can’t remember who I am.” I demanded. “That information is classified.” The officer responded. “No, you will tell me now!” I yelled as I shot a bullet into the sky. But I now know that was a bad idea, because the next I heard was gun shots, whistle of air being torn. I was now in open fire.
    “Ugh.” I muttered “What’s wrong Christopher?” the interrogator questioned. “Uh, I don’t really have any lawyers or family.” I responded. “That’s sad but is there anyone else you could call?” he asked. “No.” I answered. “Well I guess I will show you to your cell. Come with me.” “Can I ask how much time I owe?” I asked. “if you show good behavior, at least two years.”
    I ran for the exit when I heard, Boom! I looked up and saw a giant creature. It looked like a giant wolf, made out of steel. As it shot all you could hear is explosions and screams. Fire was blazing explosions were everywhere. I was scared as much as the officers that were being shot at, I dropped my gun and covered my face. I dropped to my knees. When I looked up the creature’s face was in front of me. I studied its’ head. It was a red tinted with brown, there were some many different ridges and details to it that I could fill a whole room with pages. The one thing that caught my eye was a bright orange plastic-glass cockpit lid. To myself I asked if it could open and as if it heard me the cockpit opened up to me.
    Inside was a chair with two seat belts. I got inside and buckled in. Just then the cockpit closed and a panel lighted up in front of me revealing a model of what I was in. Above it words read out. Command Wolf AP/SC Combat System. I pushed a bright orange button, then two analog sticks revealed to me.
    The jailor showed me my cell, and said “Get comfortable.” I got in and lay down on my stiff, stone hard, bed chained to the wall. Now it was quite except for my question. “Why?”

    Chapter 2: Cell 12

    (I know that I went off story a bit by telling you how I got put in jail, but this part won’t have any interruptions)
    The next morning I woke to, “Wake up you pile of filth.” I looked up to a jailer at the bars off my cell. “Yes, sir.” I answered. “Hey don’t be acting like I am your friend. We all know I am not.” He yelled. “Yes, sir.” I answered. “Good, now breakfast is at 07:00, which means you’ve got 10 minutes. Now get your crappy self together and ready.” He snapped as he walked down to the next cell.
    “God, this is going to be lots of fun.” I muttered to myself. A few minutes later l was dressed in stripped pants and shirt. “Ugh.” I mumbled I asked for assistance from a near by officer. He opened the door and led me to the cafeteria. I got in line for the food, if that’s what you can call it. It didn’t have texture, it was a dark gray, and it smelt like things had recently crawled upon it and died. I wasn’t sure if I was happy I was getting food or not. I walked over to an empty seat and sat down on it. Two other men were at the table talking about random things. “I heard one mutter “I can’t take any more of this crap. I’m glad I only have to serve two more weeks.” I wasn’t one to eavesdrop so I just put my tray to the side and put my head down.
    I was in complete piece and quite until I heard someone say “Hey, you get up.” I looked up to see a man two tables down getting harassed. I went to get up but then I remembered how I was put in this place. I stayed where I was when suddenly I heard something in my head, say. “KILL HIM.” “Huh?” I asked.
    The two guys across the table looked at me like I was crazy. But just then I snapped for some odd reason. I jumped up and took a pile of the crap on my tray and threw it at him. As son as it hit him I lost the crazy feeling inside of me I felt powerless. He starred at me in rage. Just then I realized I was back in a hostage situation, me being the hostage.
    He came charging at me and I braced myself for a fight, but to my luck an officer jumped in and stopped the fight from starting. I looked at him in fear but just then his facial expression had turned from anger to looking like he was going to crack up. Just like I guessed he did. He cracked up laughing like someone had told him a great joke. He looked at me again and chuckled out. “You, crack me up. Oh my god, I never would think anyone would have the guts to throw food at me. That was classic. But hey this place isn’t all fun and games. So I think you are perfect for joining my group.” Suddenly the officer holding him took him down the 30 wing to his cell. Soon I was at my cell, Cell 12.
    “I don’t want to hear anymore complaints about you, or from you.” He snapped. Soon I was all alone in my cell again. I lay there in confusion about what the man had said. I fell asleep instantly due to no disturbance. Though I can’t explain what my dream was about, or why I was having. I stood in front of a door that was locked. I starred at it blankly. “Where am I?” I asked, and my question seemed to echo through out the endless white room. “Hello?” I asked. I tried walking but my feet didn’t seem to want to move. Just then the door opened, revealing a dark room. “Come in Christopher. I want you to see something.” A deep voice called. I walked forward asking, “How do you know who I am? What do you want me to see?” “Come forward.” The voice demanded. I walked forward and found myself in a fire lit room. There sat a dark figure. “Who are you?” I asked. But as if a response he snapped his arm out holding a script in his hand. “What is this?” I asked. “You will no soon. Oh and by the way… you asked to many questions.” I walked out of the room back into the white room. I looked down at the torn up script. It read:

    To the Chosen One


    I woke in sweat, confused even more. I looked down in my hand and found the script like in my dreams. I jumped off my bed and freaked, but just then I heard a loud commotion. I looked in the hall to see people running hear and there. I ran to my cage door and yelled at a near by person, “Hey what’s going on?” “You know that dude you threw food at?” he asked me. “Uh huh.” “He is escaping this jail. Oh and he wants you to have this.” He said as he handed me a rectangular device. I looked at it in confusion. I flipped it over than I noticed there was a note one the back.

    Yo Newbie,
    I’m escaping from this dump. You can either lose this dump with me or stay for your time. If you place this satchel on the bars and put in these #’s then your free.

    #’s= 23, 71, 83, 99

    Sincerely, Joey.

    I thought about it for a few seconds, than I decided not to waste a good bomb. I placed it on my cells bars and input the numbers. I jumped back in safety and counted down, “3…2…1!” (I wasn’t exactly correct on when it would explode) then BOOM! Bar parts flew everywhere, but I didn’t waste my time escaping from this horrid cell. Once out I checked what time it was, the clock read 1:03. “Whoa I slept for that long?” I murmured to myself. I kept running down the hall until I got to the main hall. I still wasn’t going to waste my time by stopping. So I just kept running. Bodies lay all over the ground everywhere. The majority of the bodies being suspects that were arrested, but there were a lot of officers laying life-less on the ground too. I ran by an officer and stole a night stick off his belt. I soon found the exit and as soon as I was out I became the king off the party, (I was the rich one, I was the talk of the show.) all lights on me.