• Three Years Ago

    I ran as quickly as I could, making sure my scratched body was hidden. I could still hear the men screaming at me. It was sure getting annoying, but I was powerless to stop it, unless I wanted to get killed. Everywhere I turned, I could see trees now. The men were closing in. I felt my leg giving out. It didn't feel very pleasant. The pain of a wound in my leg began to strectch up the sides and it seemed to be tearing through all of the muscles. If I didn't stop now, I wouldn't know what was wrong and if it was a deep cut, it could easily become infected out in the wilderness I was running through. If I did stop, I would be killed by the men chasing me. I tripped, falling right on my face. Turning my head in horror, I heard a man laugh. Feeling a sharp pain, I looked down to my leg. I gasped, it had a gunshot wound. I could feel myself becoming more and more lightheaded. Gasping for a breath of air, I passed out.

    Three years later

    I opened my eyes. Quickly, I looked down at my leg. To my own relif, nothing was wrong. I had the same dream last night. The one of me running away from men, scratched and covered in blood. My face horridly beaten. I let my silky, black hair fall over my shoulders. I continued to stroke my face, making sure that my body wasn't hurt or anything.

    After a while of doing that, I stood. I grabbed some clothes and decided I would wear them today. Changing didn't take long at all. Less than a minute, I would guess. No matter how long it took, I grabbed my backpack, and began walking away. I was headed northwest to the Snowy Mountains. There I would cross the mountains and head North. The reason for that trouble, I was going to a Star Festival. There, I would enjoy something for once. The real reason I wanted to go, was someone I had been looking for for a year would be there. When I found her I could ask her something.

    I looked around. Not a person was in sight. Not a single sound was being made. It felt like I was in a graveyard. Being shy as hell, I enjoyed that there was no one here. I gazed at my knives.

    I'd learned how to fight so I could become a bodyguard. I hadn't fully grasped the meaning of it, so that was why I was going after some lady who was a good bodyguard. Hopefully, she would still be with this festival group called the Starlits, who worked with the circus. I looked around at the scenery. It was beautiful, willow trees grew everywhere. Flowers that were all sorts of colors grew alongside the dirt road I was walking on. Suprisingly, no one had passed by on a horse today, carrying goods in a kart twords the Snowy Mountains, no doubt, on their way to the soon to be festival grounds. People from all over the country would be there and it would be hard to locate the woman I was looking for exactly unless I was able to pinpoint her by her sword. It was large and made of pure steel.

    Continuing my trek, I looked once again at the scenery. This time I looked at the clouds. The were white and fluffy, no sign of rain could be seen. When I looked to the mountains, I could see dark storm clouds. Amazingly I didn't care. They would probably pass before I would arrive at the mountains. Of course they would pass over me, but, they wouldn't be snow, they would be rain. I heard a scream to the west of me. Sprinting to the trees, I spied out at five people being attcked.

    "Ahhh!" A blonde girl screamed. A girl with long pink hair was guarding her. In front of both of them was two boys and another girl. One of the boys, who was taller than the other by a landslide, was screaming cuss words at the people, in which were greatly outnumbering them. The shorter one, didn't talk at all. The girl, having brown hair, was ready to fight. All of the people charged at once.

    "Ahhh help!!! Isuma help!" The blond girl screamed. That was all I needed to get up and attack the men who were after the blond girl and the pink haired girl. I ran out from the trees.

    I grabbed out my kinives and threw one. It hit one of the men right in the head. He fell over in a flash and I reclaimed my blood-stained knife. I kicked one of the men right in the back and stabbed him. He made a "oof" noise and fell over as well. I disconnected his head from his body. The spray of blood was sickening. It hit my face, clothes, even my hair. It stunk. The blond girl gasped at the grotesque things happening around her. The boys continued fighting, unaware I was there to aid them. I drop-kicked a man. He fell to the ground and got up. Moving as fast as I could I tried to slash his chest open with one of my knives. This was hard to do because he was moving away from me as fast as I could move to him. A challenge indeed. More men were starting to surround me and leave the boys. Exactly what I wanted. I jumped in the air. Knives flew as I did an attack my previous master had tought me. Knives flew some more and some more. I dropped to the ground dodging the dead bodies that lay there. The tall boy finished off the last man and turned to look at me.

    I immdiatly started collecting my knives, for many of them had scattered and I would need them. If not I would have left them. Continuing to pick up my knives, I turned my head to see if they were still looking at me. They were. Every last one of them were looking right at me. Right at me like I was some sort of piece of meat in the middle of shark infested waters. Picking up the last knife, I tried to leave.

    "W-wait," The short boy said.

    "Yeah what's the hurry?" The pink haired girl said. I gasped.

    "Who are you?" The taller boy asked politely.

    "I-I'm Nel Hakari..." I answered quietly. My voice was nearly a whisper.

    " Hi Nel, I'm Momo," said the girl with blond hair," this," she motioned her head twords the girl with pink hair," Is Kili." Kili nodded at me and frowned. I'd could've sworn I knew that short guy who was looking in the other direction.

    "Oh and those two," She motioned her head to the girl who was ready to fight with brown hair and the really tall guy," Are Tanya and Rein." They both nodded and the girl, Tanya, waved at me. The guy smiled like a goofball.

    "And he is Isuma," She said, pointing at the shprter one with black hair. The taller one had dark brown hair. They could have been related possibly...

    "O-Ok," I stammered. Momo made a squealing noise and jumped happily.

    "Hey you," Rein yelled, right as I was about to leave. I turned around.

    "I was wondering...if you could be our escort to through the Snowy Mountains to the festival. My eyes widened in shock. So they were going too.

    "B-but...I....sure..." I mumbled. Momo made another squealing noise and I sighed. Off I went again, into something I shouldn't be getting my hands into.