• Chapter 3: My Girl is a Hostage
    I was sitting at the table and there she came in and something told me she was beatiful i couldn't take my eyes off her. She came and sat and we talked, but thats not important 30 minutes into the meal the resturant we were at became a hosage situation.

    We heard gun shot and the words get down and then they heard an alarm and they grabbed the closet woman which sadly was Megan, sadly for them.

    They ran off and threw into there van and then drove off and the police showed up adn they sayed we can't catch them now. So I took action, I ran and jumped onto a cop car and jumped from it into a window of another and then twisted the key and tool off as fast as I could.

    I turned around the corner and the morons weren't far I rambed the back of the van. There was a reason I broke the window of the cop car I took out a pistol and shot the doors open got the car as fast as I could put on the cruse control and then Jumped into the van. and threw three of the men in the cop car where is drove threw a gate into a river not a good chance they'll live. and then the one up front went out the window of his van. I put Megan in the passenger seat and drove off.

    Then I looked at her and she was scared, but of me, because for that time period I wasn't her Karion, I was Karma the assassin.

    She looked and said, "What in the world, I knew you could brake someone's arm but this, you just killed four men and you have a gun and jumped from one car to another."

    "Okay, okay here is the deal you know the assassin Karma who killed our Mayor. Well Karion and Karma I am the assassin."


    "No worries" I said to her, " If I was going to kill you you'd be dead already
    your uh...really good friend and the only one I have. I wouldn't kill you."

    "Well I feel better but the fear from what did just happened is making my heart fast maybe I should go home and sleep"

    I dropped her off and said good night then left to get ready for what I had to do tomorrow.