• fan:may i have your autograph??
    tidus: sure why not.
    lady fan: may you sign my ball?
    tidus: no problem.
    lady fan: giggle
    tidus: which row?
    lady fan: 5th row east block to the right!
    tidus: gotcha.
    fan:can u teach us how to play blitz ball?
    tidus: uhhhhhhhhh.
    mysterious boy: you can tonight.
    tidus: tommorow i promise
    i walked through the bridge during the cold night. passing a building with my old man.
    what are you smiling at i said. in about an hour the game will start

    welcome to a beautiful game of blitz ball. the game shall begin will the zanarkand abe's win today. lets find out!!!! ,said hokum.there i was just laying there in the water the bell rang and i sprang into action. the ball went flying everywhere. my turn to get the ball. i tackled this guy out of the sphere pool and hit the bench i jumped in the air thats when i heard a noise. a loud screeching noise the fans started to scream and the players started to swim out of the pool while i was in the air i grabed on to a big platform used to keep the sphere pool balanced. i then slipped and found my self unconscious. 15 min later i was laying on a rock fans were trying to escape and screaming for there lives what a nightmare! i then stand up and found a very familiar face

    tidus: auron!?
    auron:follow me.
    we then started to walk foward until we saw something hit a building. it was cone shape with blue scales with tentacles every were on the scales. the cone shaped figure then released them types of creature with wings on there back but it didnt look like it was for flying. it was all blue but with white neon eye.

    auron:sin spawns ,he giggled
    auron: take this a gift from jecht.
    tidus:my old man!?

    the sword looked like a reguler scimitar but with a huge red dot going through it.

    auron:cut the ones that matter and move.
    tidus: gotcha

    i started by taking out the first 2 then auron took out the last one we walked forward until another fleet came by. we were surrounded.

    auron:remeber cut the ones that matter and keep going.
    tidus surprised k
    same thing as before we cut through the flock we ignore te back ones until one of then hit me with there wings. i then took my blade and charged right at it and sticked the sword through his scales. we kept heading north until we made it to a weird type of generator hanging from the bridge. there were to many spawns on this bridge and we were trapped

    auron hit that generator until it falls.
    tidus: what for? ,i screamed
    auron you will see.
    i started to hit the generator so did auron. then the generator started to fall only one more swing. one of the spawn kept hitting me with spines but i ignored i destroyed the generator it fell under the bridge and it started to explode it was a run for our lives. we started to run until we both jumped onto a ledge auron made but i was hanging. he gut me by the shirt.

    auron:this is your story
    i looked up to see a gigantic hole in the sky i was very close it looked like a creature.

    auron: are u sure?

    he then held me into the gigantic hole it then became suddenly dark.

    to be continued...............