• The rain made Blue

    tab The rain made Blue’s hair all stringy, curly, and dark. His naturally blond hair looked darker than usual in the waning light and the rain. His eyes were a crystal blue that pierced the dark curtain that was his wet hair. He grabbed Luka by the chin and pulled him close and stared into him. They sat there as the light drizzle became a heavy storm, as the afternoon slowly passed into night. The street lamps started to hum and then they slowly flickered on. The dark street became spotted by orange fading lights. Blue and Luka remained there at the stone picnic bench near the lake under the gentle light of the street lamps. The forest held no threatening shadows and the lake seemed to create a rhythm that set the mood entirely for them. Luka blushed as Blue closed his eyes slowly moved towards Luka. Blue pressed his thin warm lips onto Luka's thick lips and slowly forced his tongue into Luka's mouth. Luka jolted away when Blue's tongue ran over his. He looked at the lake holding Blue's hand. Blue looked down like he had committed a taboo, but didn't let go of Luka's hand.

    " I am sorry...Blue." Luka said staring at the lake" I am not used to that. Its a new feeling being with you. Your different from the others"

    Blue stared at Luka for a while pondering what was in his mind, and moved to Luka's seat and hugged him." I love you Luka, and in time you will be used to me. I am sorry for that, the moment felt so strong and so passionate. I couldn't pass it up. Please forgive me."

    "Its fine, don't worry 'bout it. Can we head back now? Its starting to get cold." Said Luka as he shivered when the evening breeze blew the storming rain towards them.

    Blue laughed and they both got up holding each other's hand, not wanting to let go of each other in fear of losing something they just found. It was a small walk to Blue's private cabin. Luka used to lived in Bremerton, Elsnor, and was a writer that was just starting off. One day, while he was walking out of an antique store; he ran into Blue, quite literally. They were meant to be. Luka was just small thing back then. He looked like a starved college student. Now, Blue can barely take his eyes off of Luka's defined body and medium hair. Blue was a bum. He didn't do much work, except when he felt like working on random court cases or some graphics design for random small businesses. He only has the cabin because his parents gave it to him, so he could work on his personal thoughts. He does have money, but his time is spent on his art, which he is now captivated by the mountains surrounding his parents cabin. He moved there to withdraw away form the world and with one small mishap he ran into Luka.