• I was in my new blue porche alone when i heard a knock on my window i was mad not because it scared me because who ever just knocked probably got finger prints on my window!i got out to yell at the person but it was just a arm running from a body.i figured ohh well i got back into my car and then it hit me that arm had no body.I had a friend who owned a gun shop so i went and saw him he was smacking mentally retarded zombies in the face with the back of his rifle i grabbed a Mk-46 saw an started to take over while he reloaded.4hours later the stopped and a special ed teacher came in and screamed "omg omg omg omg you killed the kids the didn't do any thing!"the the body less arm came in i picked it up it was attached to a rc car then the asylum guys pulled up and put me in a padded car. on the wall was written'' padded just for you! signed ,president obama''.
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