• User Image I always thought my life was the most boring ever, with nothing to ever look back too. Even though, thinking back Linh has been the most true person in my life. As some of my other friends in my life come and go. All the guys i ever dated left me for someone else. I never found the perfect guy to share my first kiss with either. But i always had a huge crush on Austin, he was a grade higher then me and super cute.I knew we didn't have a chance because we never even talked or met. Then one day I was hanging out with my friends at the mall, Austin was also there. I couldn't believe we were about 5 feet from touching. I just stared at my feet as my friends talked to him. After awhile everyone decided to go home so everyone said their good-byes and hugged. As I was walking to the parking lot with my friend, Austin came over and gave me a piece of paper then gave me a hug. When he walked away I opened up the paper and showed his number and words that said "call me". As my friend was driving me home I felt my heart beating faster. whee

    TO BE CONTINUED blaugh