• Evil, as a young girl, wasn't always evil. She was constantly being tortured by everybody, even her own parents. They said nasty things to her, called her names, and even punched and kicked her. The elders warned the others, "Stay away from that child, she'll turn evil!" Nobody listened. After a couple of years, the child grew mad and soon she snapped. All through the night, she killed evrybody thaqt had ever made fun of her, that had punched and kicked to no end.
    The elders found out, as they always do, and she was sent away only with a hobo's pack filled with food and drink, and very shabby clothes. The girl was only 13, and was pretty much beyond the likes of her years. With this abililty
    she lured young men to the awaiting arms of the Grim Reaper, who paid her with money, a home, and Immortality. Of course, there is always a man that turns in the heart of the evil, and a 18 year old boy named David did exactly that. Evil fell in love with him, of course, and they wanted to have a home and kids. But, may I remind you, Evil worked for the Grim Reaper, who was not very happy.
    He tricked Evil into killing her so much loved boyfriend, and then turned her away to the despair of life. Immortality cannot be given away, therefore Evil suffered all the more.
    She now travels on the side of the road, always hungry, yet she cannot die.
    So beware, never make the mistakes, nor take the life, that made Evil so bad.