• I started to cry. -Whys is it so hard for me to keep you close to me- I thought. I wiped my tears away fastly the last thing I needed was to be picked on by my sister again. I got up and slamed the computer chair into the desk. "Ajia!! Enough with your rudenes!!" My mom snapped at me. I truned around on my heel and just glared. I could feel the tears coming and my heart ache. "SORRY I'M SUCH A BAD DAUGHTER! SORRY I'M NOT PERFECT LIKE ASHLEY!!" I screamed as tears fell down my face at a rapid speed. I truned around and ran to the bathroom. "AJIA! GET BACK HERE NOW!" My mom yelled. I truned around fastly and locked the door. -Oh god get me out of here- I tought. I slide down and warped my arms out my knees. "I miss you. I miss you. I'm sorry." I said over and over again rocking. I heard my mom coming to the bathroom door. "Oh god please help me. Please" I said under my breath. My mom banged on the door. "Ajia! Let Me In Now!" She yelled. The door shook as she banged on the door over and over again. I walked to the bathroom window. -It's your only chance you have to do it!- I tought. I opened the window and poped out the screen. "Ajia!! That better not of been the window I heard" I heard my mom yell. I jumped out and the window and started running. About a mile away and stoped to catch my breath. I heard a car coming, I could tell it was driving fast. I quickly jumps into a ditch as I looked up I saw my mother's truck and a cop car behind it. -Oh no thats not good- I tought. I looked around in the woods. -It's the only way- I tought. I ran for the woods as fast as I could. I found a nice opening it looked like a valley. I collect stuff for a fire. -I guess this is where I'll sleep tonight- I thought. I fell asleep by the bruning fire. I was woken up by a loud growl. I quickly jumped up. I saw a small pack of wolfs. A beatiful pure white wolf walked slowly up to me. The wolf didn't look angry or hungry. The wolf truned around gracefully. When the wolf stoped spinning it wasn't wolf anymore it was Human. I felt my eyes get big in shock. The guy had snow-ish blonde hair. He had green-blue eyes, and perfect pale skin. He bowed as gracefully as he spinned. "Hello princess, My name is Adien" He said to me. My mouth dropped. "P-P-Princess? Did you just say princess? Me? A princess?"I said. -Whats going on? Am I dreaming or something?- I thought. I felt a shiver go down my spine. -Something is up- I Thought. I started walking backwards away from them. Adien looked surprised. "Yes. Your princess Ajia" He said like it would remind me of something. I laughed. "Yea right me a princess. Thats impossible" I said out of breath from laughing so hard. Adien looked hurt. "I'm acttully a princess?" I asked. "Yes" said Adien. "I'm pricess of what?" I said. "Your princess of the Night World of crouse" Adien said matter-of-factly. "Night World?" I asked. I jumped as a wolf growled. The wolf spinned and truned into a human. The girl was beatiful. She had waist-length dark brown hair with hints of white blonde, deep green eyes and perfect carmal skin. She smiled and bowed. "Hello princess. Sorry for your confusion. My named is Minda. Your the princess of Night World. Night World is a...I guess you can call it a kingdom of Night people. The Night peoples are Werewolfs,Shapeshifters,Vampires,and Witchs. Well those are the main people" She said nicely. My eye got big. "Then I'm either a Werewolf or a Shapshifter right?" I ask. Minda Nodded. "So... what am I?" I asked. Minda looked at Adien. "Your um....A Vampire/Shapeshifter" said Aiden. "What? I thought Vampires don't have babys" I said. Adien smiled, he's smile was breathtaking. "Okay, so how come my mom never told me about this? Is my mom a Vampire or Shapeshifter? And how come my sister isn't a princess before me?" I asked. "Thats why were here. Your dad-" I cut Minda off. "Dad? My dad is dead..." I said. Minda looked at Adien worried. "How about we take you to the king he can better explain it than we can" said Adien. I didn't trust them, but it's better than being out in the woods so I just nodded. "You have to trun into a wolf though" said Minda. I looked at her. "Uh...How?" I asked. "Oh it's easy just spin around and think about being a wolf" said Minda. I smiled. I spined around and thought about being a wolf. I felt my bones change and move. I stopped spinning. "Good job. You got it on your frist try. It took Adien almost 10 times" Minda said happily. I was very proud of myself. I heard a growl. I truned around and saw Adien he was in wolf form already and I could tell he wasn't very happy about what Minda said. I shook my head. -I wonder if thier sister and brother...They sure seem like it- I thought. -Yea we are- I heard a voice that sounded like Minda's. I jumped in surprise. -H-Hello?- I thought. -Hello princess. All Shapeshitfers and Werewolf and read each other's minds and talk to each other this way. It's the only way we can talk to each other in our animal forms.- Minda Said. -Oh....then I better not think- I thought. I heard a chuckle. We started headed into the darker part of the woods. -Um...is it safe here?- I asked. -Ha ha. Yes....well atleast for us it is, Humans probaly wouldn't surive here- I heard Adien say. I shook my head to get the distrubing picture out of my mind. -Oh....Nice thought- Said Minda. -Eh...sorry- I thought. We started to slow down. -Huh? Were there?- I asked. -No but it's dark and we need rest- Minda said. -Oh okay- I said. I saw most of the wolfs curl up next to each others. I trotted over to a spot far away from everyone esle. I layed down and curled up and closing my eyes. I heard a pair of pawprints. I opened one eye to see Adien. Adien trotted over to me and curled up next to me. I glared at Adien with my eye that was open. I heard a giggle from a couple of feet away. I looked up and saw Minda. Minda curled up next me on my other side. I looked at both of them and smiled. I layed my head back down and closed my eyes. I felt a nudge on my arm. "Princess, Princess! Wake up" I heard Minda say. I opened my eyes. "What?" I Asked sitting up. I Looked down and notice I was now in a bed and in my human form. "Where am i?
    I asked still tried. "Your home" I heard a deep older male voice say. I jumped up back closer to my bed. "W-Who are you!" I yelled as a men who looked about 20 but his voice said differnet. "I'm your father" He said. He came closer to the bed. I moved back so far that almost fell off the bed if strong arms hadn't catched me. I looked up it was Adien. I smiled at him as he looked down and smiled at me. I could feel butterflies in my tummy. I could feel my cheeks get hot from blushing. The man who had claimed to be my father cleared his throat. It seemed he didn't like that There might be some connection or something between me and Adien. I stood up. "If you my so called father! Than why did you leave me! Why did you ditch me!" I Screamed full of anger now. "Why did you let me live my whole life think my ONLY! father was dead!! And now you choose to take me back!! Maybe I should disown you!!" I Screamed as tears fell down my cheeks. Frist my boyfriend died the day before I meet Adien and Minda and then I find out that i've been lied to all my life. I could feel my whole body fill with white hot anger from being alone and felt behind my whole life. I felt arms warp around me. I looked up Adien was hugging me. I warped my arms around him and cried on his arm.