• "Ah, this cake looks so yummy, I could just swallow it whole."Samy blurted out not thinking of who it was for. "It's for you of corse, my dear samy.Huff"
    Zack whisperd very suductively in samy's ear. "HUAAA! N..No breathing on me you pervert.(SLAP!)"Samy shouted, letting out her surprise and anger. "Huh. Why wont you let me have you already. Samy we've been dating for 6 months." Zack noted wile rubbing the red, and stinging hand mark on his right cheek. "I don't feel comfterbal yet! Can't you at least see that." Samy rarwed on.
    "Well if you don't feel just right yet, I'll wait until your 100%, but you should hurry up, i'm going to lose my cool soon and i don't think you'll be able to stop me." Zack aid politly. "(Blush) Zack... Oh! The cake, and the time! I have to go home and study for finals!" Samy said with a worried look on her face. "Here i'll cut you a piece and you can take it home."Zack said wile cuting a peice of the strawberry cake.
    " Thank you Zack."Samy said happily.
    "Fhew, (swips swet of forhead) I finished before midnight. Mabey i should eat that peice of Zack's cake.(ahhaha) Yeah as a congrats to me for finishing my studies." Samy said with relief.(Click) the sound the plate made as it hit the table."(Screech)Ohhwww, i hate the sound this chair makes when i pull it under the table.Oh well it dosen't matter i can just get a set of differnt chairs.Now to eat this cake.(sayy sooop)Huh what was that sound (looks around theres nothing there)must have been the chair." Samy mummbled in a vey confuesed tone.
    " Oh no Samy didn't here me, wait then that means that i'm ganna be eatin by my girl friend!Ahh no Samy STOOOOP!" Zack said almost screaming his head off.
    "Ahhhumff. Yum it's so good, I'm going to go back to Zack's to get some more of this cake."Samy said talking to herself. "(cough cough) Samantha now i know why you always chough so much when you eat you don't chew,"Zack containued chocking. "You don't eat much at all either stupid girl.Gahhh! I'm gitting out of here.(starts to climb trouht)"
    "That was good I wish I could ea.. Ughhh i'm... Ganna thow up."Samy gargaled sickly. "Almost there. Ughh!"Zack said out of breath. "BLuaGhhhh!Oh, this is what i get being so happy i don't even chew. I have to go to the bathroom.(turns on the sink) "Spoke a very grosed out Samy. "AHHH.(Grows back to full size)Huf huf huf. I'm back to my normal size and soaked with water... It's not raining outside um that migh be a problem I should go out the back door and then come in the front doorand tell her a car doused me when i was walking down the dtreet." Zack thought out loud.
    "Man this sucks I must be sick, huh. I wish I could see Za..( looks up and sees Zack soaked) Zack!(blush)"Samy mummbles to herself and then becomes overly surprised to see Zack. "Samy i forgot to give you this when you were at my place. Here take it Oh but it might be wet i got doused by a car on my way." Zack said sweetly. "Zack! it's a heartlock necklace, Ah and you already put our pictures in it, haha we are compleat opisits your black hair and green eyes with my blond hair and brown eyes."Samy said happily. "But you know opisits attract, and one thing I know is that last year when i met you i was attracted." Zack said like a know it all. " Wait tody is our anniversary! Oh i totaly forgot, July,23. I'm so sorry Zack." Samy Said shamfully. " No worries "Zack containued." Samy I still love you."" I love you to Zack."Samy spoke in a loving voice.