• Every girl wants a guy like Edward. Not caring if he is quick to judge, can be pretty harsh, how dangerous they are or how he just make your head hurt.The kind that is and always will be willing to save you, no matter the consequences or danger that follows.
    It's hard to find that guy. But it's like a bolt of lightning strikes your heart the first time you see him, then you are left to try and mend the pieces and get the guts to talk to him. Things then seem so much more in tune after you hear his voice. All pain, fear, sickness, disappears when you talk to him, nothing else matters in the world but the two of you.
    As I sit here, reading and watching Twilight, I realized something. Edward's not fictional. Some guys just happen to be lions and some girls lambs.
    I myself, much like Bella, prone to accidents, shy, curious. I am the "Lamb"
    He, strong, dangerous -in ways-, smart...words can't fully describe a "lion" of his nature.
    Through obviously incompatible, yet still so perfect for each other. To the point love is the right choice.
    The lamb, small and weak. Willing to wait for the lion till he returns from a roam, hunt or fight. Because every lamb is proud of their lion. The lion, strong yet still so caring, wanting nothing more for the lamb then forever happiness.
    Lives in danger, but still so very safe.
    The Lion and the Lamb.
    As stubborn or insisting each may seem, it's as though they were created, molded for each other.
    Perfection, reality, TRUE LOVE.
    Should it matter the being? Weak or strong?
    Not when "the Lion fell in love with the Lamb."