• I sat at home, reading. Lightning flashed against the windows. I shivered, wishing my parents would get home from picking my brother up from his homecoming night. I turned the TV on for a distraction from the ominous dark stairway leading to the unfinished, shadowy basement. Yet, only horror movies were on, not the greatest for a dark night. I turned on "Friday the 13th" anyway. At least the characters there had a good reason to be scared.
    Suddenly, I heard a creak. I froze, unmoving, when I realized what made creaks like that: the stairway to the basement. Then another creak came from the stairs, then another, and another, closer they seemed, until I could make out a pitch-black shadow, coming up from the basement. My scream was disguised by the movie. I saw headlights out the window, and recognized my parent's car. But the horror movie on the blinking screen mimicked every sound I made, making everything seem OK to anyone who heard. The man dragged me away, putting something to my face... I... don't know... I can't..... talk...

    And then, I was gone. Forever.