• Blood ran down from her cut and a tear rolled down her face from her eye. She turned to the stranger standing next to her a whispered her last words “Save my soul” before she fell limp to the ground.

    Zac had no idea how this had happened, one minute he was walking home the next he heard a scream and went to the source and found the girl. He knelt down and leaned closer to the body, inspecting her wound, how was he meant to save her soul? He looked over and then realized how, he had to find who or what ever had done this to her and take her heart back from them. “That’s it!” he said as he brushed the tear from the girls face with his fingers. “What’s it?” someone asked. Zac span round getting to his feet, ready to fight if he had to. He stepped back in shock nearly tripping over the girl’s body as he saw the Girl standing in front of him, he looked back at her body and then to the one who was standing up. “What are you?” he asked.

    “Who don’t you mean? Well I’m her,” she said pointing to the body, “anyways you didn’t answer my question, what’s it?”

    “Um well… you s-s-said that I needed to save your soul, and I thought that it could be that you meant for me to get revenge on you and then get your heart back… was-was that it?”
    The girl smiled, reveling perfectly white teeth, “Yes that’s right!” And he did he got her soul for her.

    That was the first day Zac had talked to an angel, and ever since then he was able to see them, walking around on the streets, passing right through people, but not him, they could touch him.

    Before the incident when his friends had asked him if he believe in angels he would shrug his shoulders and say ‘I don’t know!?’, but now when they ask him he just says simply ‘Yes.’ He doesn’t try to convince anybody that they are real he just says ‘Yes’!
    Ever since that day, the first day, the day that the angels claimed he had awakened, he has had to save many people and revenge their deaths, it had taking him a wile at first to figure out how to get the angels to come out from the bodies, for he didn’t want to touch them but as soon as he did they would come out.

    He still has his guidance angel, as they call her, she was the girl, the first one he saved, and he calls her by Sara. In a normal day now, he would go to school go home and plan how to save someone, or find someone who needs saving. He calls himself the Helper, but the angles call him the Angel on Earth.