• CH.3

    When we walked out of the apartment a black wolf looking puppy came up to us.It had strange Hypnotic eyes like Alex's but there was no wildness in them (not to mention they weren't brown).One was a bright deep blue and the other was A startling shade of violate.
    "Hello Alison"Alex said lovingly to the puppy.Then we headed on our way with the puppy named Alison on our heels.

    When we arrived outside a sleek black limousine was waiting for us.A tall ancient showfer was opening the door . "Evening Sir.Evening to the 2 little miss' to." said the Showfer with a creepy smile.We got in to the luxuries limousine.I gasped.Everything was black leather.The lights were purple and the were a number of expensive looking liquors. It was like something you would see in a magazine and ,I must say, Alex and Alison fitted the scene well.I sat closely to Alex as Alison looked closely at me.Her frighting eyes never once leaving mine.

    A few minuets later of Alex whispering in my ear along with Alison's growling, we finally made it to the . . . dress shop! "I thought you needed to get something" I asked Alex as we stepped out of the limousine."Well," he started "Were I'm taking you later on, You'll need to be looking extremely elegant which is going to be hard considering you make any room more classy just by your presence".I blushed a deep red started to walk toward the shop.

    It took a while but we found the right dress.It was strapless and the chest part had a bow on on it in the center to make it look like you wrapped it.Then the rest of it just fell to my mid thigh.The dress was all black silk and it flattered my legs well. When i stepped out of the dressing room Alex's jaw dropped as well as the pair of black stilettos he was getting for me.

    "Like it" i asked shyly."I love it" he gasped.I bit my tungh trying to hold back from laughing at his expression ."Can i get this one" I asked spinning around teasing him.he shook his head yes still opened mouthed.I put on my regular clothes and gave the dress to the sales lady."That will be $250.00" said the lady.I gagged."It's okay , I got it" Alex said soothingly.He handed the lady his gold card and she swiped it.We got back in the limousine were Alison was waiting obedeantly.I made alex get in the passenger side while i changed.When he got back in he smiled and sat extra close to me.

    When we arrived i looked out at the big building.It looked abandoned but i could see flashing lights and hear loud music thumping through the walls.We stepped out of the limousine and walked up to the dooors.He took my hand."you ready?" he asked. .