• Kyu grunted as he stumbled backward over his leather sandals and fell into the sand.

    The shop-keeper who had just kicked him out yelled, his face red, "Thieves deserve to be executed! Feel lucky you won't be. But never come back,"

    "I told you! My dagger fell off of my belt, I wasn't trying to rob you!"

    The shop-keeper raised an arm and thrust downward, releasing Kyu's dagger sending it flying to the ground.

    Kyu's bronze dagger hit a rock in the sand and bent half-way up the blade at a forty-five degree angle.

    Now infuriated, Kyu jumped up and swiped his dagger from the sand, then stormed away from the small shop to head for home.

    Walking home, a women was walking toward Kyu. He was too busy diagnosing his dagger and bumped into the woman, who quickly fell to the ground, dropping a back of vegetables she was carrying.

    Embarrased, Kyu began to gather the dropped produce as the woman yelled for help, claiming she was being robbed seeing that Kyu was wielding a dagger. He quickly returned all of the vegetables to their small linen bag, apologized to the woman, and scurried away from the scene before any guards could arrive.

    Finally he arrived home and relaxed as he opened the door. Walking into the main room he dropped a pouch of coins on the table.

    "Robbery success." He muttered to himself, smiling.