• "Why? Why me?" I screamed at him, sobbing, "I thought you loved me!"
    He chucled softly. I could see the knife blade glinting in the darkness.
    "I did." he admitted "Thats all over now. Im sorry Rosie, i really am. No one will hear your last screams down here though."
    I started screaming anyway. I didn't care. All i knew was that i was probably going to die tonight. I turned to where i last thought he was, but there was no sign of him.
    "Peter? Where are you?" i called out. i felt a hand on my shoulder, and i let out a small whimper.
    "Peter, what happened? What's wrong?" i whispered
    "I've changed Rose, im sorry. Trust me though, its for the better. This is how it should go."
    "No, Peter. You're wrong. Stop this, please." i couldn't see his hand coming (well duh) but i felt its sharp sting as it caught me across the face. He hit me so hard that i collapsed to the dirt floor.
    "Foolish girl, cant you see?" He began. He started talking about burning this generation, this world to the ground. About beginning a new life for humanity. He was insane.
    I touched my jaw gingerly. It was bleeding and there was no way to stop it. I tore a piece of my beautiful dress off to try and staunch the flow.
    "Peter, im bleeding."
    "What?" he paused for a minute.
    "You hit me. Look what you did! You swore you would never hurt me! I hate you I hate you! Look what you did!" i was beginning to scream "I hate you, you liar!" I left off to just sobbing. I think he was just standing there. Then the familiar feeling of his arms around me came.
    "im sorry, Rose, im so sorry. Peter said quietly. There was a long pause.
    "I swore i was going to marry you one day. I really did. And we were gonna have a little house and a dog and a yard, and, and" I faltered "we would live happily ever after." i finished.
    We were both quiet for a while.
    "Yeah, Rosie?"
    "Do you still love me?"
    "Yes, i do. " His arms tightened around me. "And i will never hurt you again."