• tab Rikka's eyes darted across the bloody clearing, searching for his brother. He looked apon ever body but still couldn't find Kaijin. He drew his light blue swords, now smeared with blood, into a defensive position acrossed his chest. He stalked forward carefully, taking care not to trip over any corpses. He heard the dim clashing of metal of into the distance, that Rikka instantly recognied as his brother's Nodachi from when they spared in the mornings.
    tab He carefully danced through the clearing to avoid the bodies and followed the sound coming from the fray. He slipped through the trees as quietly as possible trying not to rouse any nearbye soilders. As Rikka noticed the trees thinning out he broke into a brisk run, and noticed his brother, Kaijin, fighting with the enemy general.
    tab "Why did you kill all these innocent people?! They have lives too!" Kaijin snarled at the man.
    tab The man laughed, "Like these worthless worms held any hope of happiness in their pathetic little lives. They were barely worth my time."
    tab Rikka stepped forward with a purpose. He brought up his blue Ssanggemon and dashed forward. Rikka slashed forward but couldn't get any ground. He tried to kick whatever invisible forse was infront of him, but was shocked with an excrutiating ammount of electricty. Rikka staggered back almost wishing he was the Arch Angel of Electricity. Rikka shook his head and called out.
    tab "Kai! Kai, theres a force feild and I can't get through! Can you let me in?" Rikka called.
    tab "Uh, Rik? Kinda busy here! You're gunna have to do it yourself!" Kaijin responded tiredly.
    tab Rikka shook his head and collapsed to his knees. His eyes brightened, and he raised his hand and let his energy slowly fade into his twin. He gasped as he barely had enough strength to stay conscience. Meanwhile, Kaijin felt himself strengthen. He pushed General Torq off of him and instantly lit his Nodachi.
    tab "Oh, Torq?" He cried, teasingly. Smirking as he saw the General's eyes widen in suprise.
    tab "Whats that? How do you have enough strength to do that! I though I drained you dry!" He shouted, confused.
    tab Kaijin smirked and let out an enraged battle cry and charged. Torq was caught off gaurd and wasn't prepared for what happend next. Kaijin twirled around with his weapon and created a tornado of embers. Torq screamed as he was scortched and thrown into the force feild. Torq was thrown to the ground and Kaijin was scarred that he had killed the man, but he uttered a barely audible groan that confirmed his state.
    tab Kaijin jogged up to where his brother was and slowly gave him his power back. Rikka slowly regained strength and was able to stand.
    tab "Thanks Rik. I needed that boost. I probably wouldn't have survived if you hadn't helped." Kaijin laughed shakily, slightly releived and still pumped with adrenaline.
    tab "Its no problem, Kai. You know I would do anything for you." Rikka promised.
    tab Kaijin and Rikka looked at each other for a breif moment then embraced and a few minutes later walked from the clearing where innocents and enemies lay for the morning to claim.