• My name is Tahariah. I am 5'4, brunette, and have green eyes. I am a vampire and was awoken in 1991 when I was 17. I lived in Denmark and used to be in line for the crown there. The first vampire Osiris is my maker. Osiris killed my family (or so I thought) and forced me to be what I am today, but that's jumping ahead. I'm guessing I should be writing more about myself; so this is my story...

    "Tahariah, get down here! I need to talk to you." my mother yelled. She was a bit plump with black hair, warm brown eyes, and about the same height.

    "Just a minute!" I yelled back. So I ran downstairs in a dark green shirt and some sweats.

    "What'd you want Mom?" I asked. I looked down at her hand to see what she was reading. Wonder what that could be?

    "I got this in the mail today. It's a letter inviting us to the Queen's birthday ball." my mother said. "Just peachy." I announced sarcastically. Maybe if I snuck out I wouldn’t have to go.

    “So since it’s already five I want you to go and get ready, now.” She commanded.

    I was like, “Okay, okay. Take a chill pill.” I went back upstairs to look at the dreaded dress closet.

    What to wear… I picked up a bright yellow frilly dress. UGLY! Another dress and another and so on until I found a beautiful deep blue flowy ball gown that was perfect! At least I get to look stunning. So I put on the dress with some black heels and was ready to go.

    “Dad’s in the car already. Five minutes until we leave!” my mom yelled to me. I walked out of my dark, dank room and down the stairs to meet her.

    “Do I have to go? I was supposed to go to a friend’s.” I pleaded.

    My mom said, “Yes. You do. You are in line for the crown and you have to go to these things. I just cannot have you seen with those friends of yours. They are a bad influence.”

    So I gave up and trudged to the door. I got in the car and it was an hour drive so
    I went to sleep. When I woke up was I in for a surprise! It was snowing and ice covered the ground. I took one step out the door and fell on my bum. OWW! Now that wakes a person up! I got up with the dignity I had left while people laughed at me and brushed off the snow.

    I walked in the palace with my parents and greeted the Queen. It was decorated in blue and purple. Which were the colors of Denmark. She gave me one of those I think your trouble looks. Sometimes you just have to hate royalty, I thought. After a while a tall man with gray eyes, blond hair and about 6’3 asked me to dance. He looked about nineteen.

    “My name is Osiris,” he said as we danced.

    I replied with, “Oh, that’s a different name. You must not be from around here? I’m Tahariah by the way,”

    “What a lovely name... And I’m from around. Kind of like a nomad I guess.” Osiris smiled as he said it. When he smiled it looked a bit scary and a little unnatural to me.

    “That’s cool I guess. Visiting relatives?” I asked.

    He answered, “You could say that.” The dance ended and it was time for the last dance between the Queen and her third husband. Well I’m out of here. So I snuck outside into the cold.

    I walked further in the backyard of the Queen’s palace until I found a frozen pond. Wonder if the fish can survive under there? I almost screamed when I turned around and saw someone. Until I realized it was just Osiris.

    “Dude, don’t be so quiet. You could have coughed or slipped on some ice,” I said.

    He questioned, “Dude?”

    “Yeah it’s what people say these days,” I said sarcastically.

    “You know you’re different from other girls,” he said. And those were the last words I heard before the pain.

    All that I felt was pain and more than I had ever felt. He took me into the woods I was guessing from the feel of branches everywhere. I kept hearing someone scream; then realized it was me. He bit my neck and drank my blood. This felt like knives. This is it. Death is a lot more painful than I thought. But I didn’t die.

    “I sense you’re wondering what I’m doing. I’m turning you into a vampire. So say goodbye to the world you know,” Osiris whispered. He gave me his blood and I blacked out after that.

    I woke up in the middle of the night. I felt strong, stronger than I’ve ever felt in my life. I also felt different; I could hear, see, and smell everything. I knew I was a vampire. I also woke up having to go to the bathroom. Now that’s an answer to some people’s questions. Do vampires go to the bathroom? So I went to look around the house and eventually found the bathroom, but stopped and looked in the mirror. I looked almost exactly the same except, I was very pale and my eyes were black which looked odd.

    The thought of being a vampire started to register. Of course I went into shock. What’s wrong with me? Where am I? Of course I didn’t know the answers to my own questions so I ran. I found the door to the outside, but it was locked from the inside. Great. And I can’t or so I thought at the time break down a solid wood door so I went back to the bathroom that I had found and jumped out of the window.

    It was slippery outside with the ice and snow, but I wasn’t cold which was different. Although that hadn’t occurred to me at the time. I ran into a dark forest. I could feel somehow that I wasn’t alone. I thought I could almost smell the scent of my parents. I looked around, but didn’t see any creatures or people.

    “It’s okay I’m just a little freaked out, but still human,” I said aloud.

    “How does one know they’re human?” someone asked. I knew somebody was here.

    “Whoever you are I’m stronger than you think,” I said saying it more confidentially than I felt.

    The man then said, “Oh I know you are, but you must be hungry. I won’t hurt you. Seeing as your family is dead I wouldn’t want to make you more upset.” As he said it my throat was hurting and my stomach growling.

    “My family isn’t dead,” I screamed. A man stepped out from behind a tree. He was brunette and kind of looked like a creepier version of Johnny Depp.

    “Careful, boring one might hear you, and my name is Adrian. And why would I lie, I don’t even know you,” Adrian whispered. So I believed him and started crying. They might have been the world’s worst parents, but I loved them.

    When I started to cry though I wasn’t crying normal tears. It was blood.

    “What’s wrong with me?” I asked while still crying.

    Adrian replied with, “Vampires only cry blood. And don’t deny what you are for you can’t change it.”

    After I finished crying I managed to say, “So I’m guessing if you help me you’ll want something in return vampire?”

    “That would be the deal. See I need you to kill the one who made you because he is tampering with my business. He made you because you are stronger than him. It also would be a favor to yourself seeing as he killed your parents. So do we have a deal?” he replied. I was shocked. I mean I knew Osiris “killed” me, but he seemed so nice and polite.

    With the most amount of rage I had ever felt I said, “I’m in.”

    Adrian took me to an old house that creaked every time you moved in it. It was green with most of the paint chipped off. He gave me some clothes. After I finished changing he gave me a Sippy cup with blood in it.

    “Really? I’m not a baby you know,” I announced.

    “I want to keep the house clean. It’s not mine.” He replied. So he started telling me about being a vampire. He told me that we all have black or gray eyes, we will burn in the sunlight, we have to have human blood (still gross), crosses and garlic don’t hurt, and that we die from silver stakes.

    So the next night he taught me to fight. Adrian taught me how to snap a neck like a toothpick, use guns, and most importantly swords.

    “I think you’re ready to go kill my enemy,” he deduced. So he gave me a silver stake and told me where Osiris would be.

    I was in the woods again and could hear and smell something familiar.

    “Osiris! Come out come out wherever you are. I come for blood.” I yelled.

    He replied calmly, “Why try and get revenge on me? I gave you a gift.” I saw him in the corner of my eye and tackled him to the ground.

    “You killed my family,” I punched him in the face, “I am here for that reason and will kill you for that,” I answered.

    “You are stronger than I could have imagined. I also never hurt your family. Hmm I smell Adrian on you. He must have tricked you,” he said.

    I replied, “No, he helped me and showed me what a vampire is,”

    “Didn’t you think their was anything odd about him showing up there and did you happen to notice anything?” he asked.

    I realized then that it was Adrian who killed them. The scent of my parents in the forest was on him. I will get my revenge one way or another, I thought. So I got off Osiris and he put a hand to the side I punched.

    “I will kill him,” I screamed.

    “Then I’m coming with you. He has been killing the royals for the Queen which I find annoying. So I’ll be happy to witness this,” he said.

    We were off into the night. Back to the house from which I came. With the silver stake in hand I burst open the door.

    Adrian started off with “Back so soon from killing O’sir-,” I hit him in the side of the face with the silver stake. Adrian started screaming. I kept punching him until he fought back. He bit me, but I didn’t care at the moment. I was having an adrenaline rush. Then in the middle of it all I stopped. I threw the stake across the room.

    Osiris commented while laughing,"real men don't cry."

    “You may have killed my parents and I should kill you for that, but I can’t. Osiris don’t kill him, but don’t help him either,” I said and then sighed. I got up and walked out of that house without another word. And I never saw Adrian again.

    I am now in the present and live in New York. It’s the 2000’s and have things changed. I am happily employed for Osiris. I work as a mercenary mostly. No more royals are dying, well from any vampires at least. I never truly found out what happened to Adrian; most people say Osiris killed him anyways. Doesn’t matter to me much as long as I know my conscience is clean; well at least from killing one person. Immortality has been fun so far, but I haven't gotten the whole drink blood(still gross) and let them die part right. I also can’t go anywhere because I wasn’t 21 when I died. So I guess I’ll just have to take this one step at a time.