• I first met Damon at a club. I can remember it almost perfectly......

    I was getting ready to go. My bathroom was a mess from all the makeup products and clothing spewed around. "Ahhhh I'm going to clean it up later." I said to myself out loud. I put on the last of my eyeliner and quickly double checked everything in my full-lengh mirror. I was extremely hot! I had on a form-fitting, glittery tanktop with short, meduim wash shorts. My silver hoop earings matched my choker. The flip-flops I was wearing were extra cushy so I could dance all night and not have to stop! Just then a horn beeped and I knew it was my freinds who were coming to get me. I ran out the door, forgetting my purse, and hopped into the shiny black mercedes she drove. I put on the diamond bracelet I left in her car from last night.
    When we arrived at the club she said it was brand new and called The Black Shdaows. All three of us came out of the car and made our way alond the red carpet to the entrance. Looking fabulous we cut the line easily just by looking pretty and smiley. We walked through the black doors acting "all that". The beat was awesome and the dancing was hard not to want to jump into first thing. I sat at the bar for a litte while sort of uncomfortable. There was a pair of eye on me but I didn't know whose or where they were. The bartender came up and said "that man over there sent you a drink. Hes says if you like it to come over there." I looked in the direction he was pointing to.
    Our eye locked and I couldn't bear myself to look away. He smiled so deceptive and his eyes were mentally undressing me. He nodded at something and I looked to see it was the drink. I took a sip thinking this was what he wanted me to do. Here goes nothing I said mentally. The lred liquid met my lips and there was sort of a coppery and alcohol taste to it. I liked it so I followed the baretenders instructions. I got off the swirly bar stand and made my way over to the open seat next to him. He winked and got up so I followed him thinking I would be back in a minute and my freinds wouldn't be worried. Ouside of the club but right on the side of it he stopped. The minute of where I got to where he was standing he kissed me so passionately i almost forgot to breathe. Ikissed him back but then things started getting demanding so I pulled away. He vanished like that and I've never seen him again until alst night. This time he's here to stay.