• Wedding Crashers
    “You are my life now.”

    It was today. Friday. No – my day, our day, the best day of my life. My wedding day. And my fiancé, Cory McCarthy, was just as excited as I felt. I entered our bright, sunshine-filled room from the bathroom, opening the wooden drawer of our wardrobe and fishing out a random T-shirt. I slipped it over my body, the soft fabric tickling my skin. Then I felt arms around my waist, spinning me around and catching my lips with his.

    “Morning,” he said cheerfully, tilting my head up with his finger under my chin. I giggled, looking into his eyes, two deeps, swirling pools of liquid amber staring into my frosty, icy blue ones.

    “Morning,” I replied, nuzzling into his neck with my head. “D’you know what today is?” I wouldn’t doubt it.


    “Well yes…but it’s –“

    “Our wedding day…I know.” ^^

    He kissed me once more. I laid my head against his chest, him laying his on top of mine. I closed my eyes, time stilling as we savored every second of our time together. My heart slowed as well, intertwining itself with his, connecting us emotionally and physically. I loved him more than anything, and I knew he felt the same about me.

    “Hey, lovebirds.” That voice…I looked to my right, still dazed from my moment with Cory. Andy, my older, 18-year-old gay brother, stood in the doorway, leaning casually against it.

    “Nii-san!” I exclaimed in excitement, letting go of Cory and glomping my brother. He laughed, catching me mid-glomp.

    “Today’s the day…” Cory said, sighing in happiness. I ran back to him, glomping him straight onto our soft bed. This got me a little more excited.

    “Awkward position is awkward,” I said with a giggle. Cory laughed with me, then sat up with me straddling him slightly. This got me even more excited.

    “Alright, alright, enough cuddling you two,” said another voice with a chuckle. I looked behind me. Misaki – Andy’s fiancé, who was 22 years of age, and my maid of honour – stood in the doorway next to Andy, whom he gave a kiss on the cheek.

    “Speak for yourself, Misaki-sempai,” I said with another giggle. He rolled his eyes and huggled Andy.

    “Come on Alex…” he started, “let’s go get your dress on.” He winked.

    “And you gotta come with me,” Andy said with a nod towards Cory. I slid off Cory’s lap, him getting up right after. Both of us walked to our friends, turning towards each other to share a quick kiss. Misaki ushered me left,, while Cory and Andy walked into the opposite direction.

    Misaki led me to a whiteish-pink room, decorated with rose petals and flowers on the walls. I smiled uncontrollably, spotting my dress hanging on a hook. Misaki handed the white, silky dress to me.

    “Go on, try it!” he coaxed. I removed my shirt and pants, shivering at the slight draft in the room. I gently picked up the dress, slowly, carefully putting it on. Misaki then got behind me, adjusting the straps and tying the white bow around my waist. After, he affixed the veil onto my head.

    I saw my reflection and gasped.

    The many ruffles of my dress seemed to tumble down my body like a white waterfall. My hair was styled as well – matching Lavi’s (from D.Gray-Man) due to my obsession with the red-haired character. Misaki grinned at my dumbfounded look that was plastered on my face.

    “Congratulations,” he said, and then we departed for my wedding.

    A half hour later, the guests began to arrive. I shook the hand of each guest in turn as they arrived, stealing glances at their attire.

    First came Misaki and Andy. Misaki had chosen to wear a red dress – not surprising in the least – while Andy donned a black tuxedo. Andy smiled at me, looking quite happy to be there with his dress-clad fiancé. I giggled, shaking their hands and giving Andy a big hug.

    “Nice place,” Misaki commented. He was correct; it was a beautiful place for a wedding. The area was in Zen Gardens – my favorite place in the world of Gaia. A tree full of sakura petals, some drifting towards the ground, loomed above me. A few large, jagged (yet at the same time smooth) rocks lay next to it. A pond full of water and fish, glittering with pride, lay just beyond the rocky path that cut across the area.

    “Thank you,” I responded.

    Next came Flicka, her boyfriend Airtwist, and Nani. Flicka was the pastor for the wedding, while Nani was to be the flower girl. Flicka wore a white dressy gown with a hat adorning her head, and Nani wore a pretty yellowish dress with a basket of flowers in her arms. Airtwist’s outfit was a simple black tuxedo with a corsage.

    Next, there’s Candy, Isai, Frankii, and Juan. Candy had on a silky smooth black dress, with a little hat on her head. Isai’s look was quite cute – a tannish dressy gown, with a small hat adorning his head as well. I wasn’t surprised to see him wearing such cute clothing. Frankii wore a tuxedo, like all the other guys; Juan wore a tuxedo as well, but something about him caught my eye – a glint in his eye that sent an ominous shiver down my spine. The glint scared me. What was it? What did it mean? He didn’t look at me as he past me. I shook my head. I was seeing things; I must have been.

    I spotted Ashten, Usa, Joshua, and Yuu-chan and immediately my thoughts were dragged back to the wedding. Ashten wore a beautiful white gown with a corsage. I wasn’t surprised at all when I noticed that Usa was dressed in a tux and eyepatch – like me, she loved Lavi. Both Joshua and Yuu-chan wore tuxedos, and both of them gave me a big hug as they spotted me. The two boys were also in love with me – the only people who knew were me, them, and Cory.

    And then I saw Cory.

    Dressed in a clean black tux, a corsage (a rose) peeking out of his pocket and a hat adorning his head, he looked handsome. Very handsome. I blushed when he lifted up my hand with his and kissed it.

    “You look beautiful…” he breathed onto my skin, for only me to hear. My blush grew.

    “And you’re as handsome as ever…” I whispered just as quietly. He kissed my cheek as a thank you.

    “Alex! Cory!” Flicka called from her place near the pond. Cory and I exchanged a glance; then he took my hand and led me to Flicka’s spot. She took a deep, almost nervous breath.

    “We are gathered here today to celebrate the marriage of Alexander Renders and Cory McCarthy.” Flicka’s voice rang out over the clearing as she spoke. She turned her body towards Cory.

    “Cory McCarthy, do you take Alexander Renders to be your lovely wedded husband? To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poor, as long as you both shall live?”

    “I do.” His voice rang with pride and love. I could’ve sworn I heard a low growl…but for the sake of my sanity, I ignored it. Flicka turned her body towards me.

    “Alexander Renders, do you take Cory McCarthy to be your lovely wedded husband? To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poor, as long as you both shall live?”

    “I do,” I breathed out. I was amazed at the lack of shaking in my voice.

    “Then I now pronounce you –“

    “Oh hell no.” The voice came from my right. A shock shot through my body. Everybody turned towards the boy who had spoken. Juan.

    “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” Cory half-yelled, absolute rage flaming in his eyes.

    “Taking back what’s rightfully mine,” Juan snarled, grabbing my arm. Cory forced his way between him and I.

    “No,” he said firmly. Juan tried making another move towards me – too slow, Cory caught his arm and threw him to the ground. Juan stood up, aiming a punch at Cory’s face. This time, Cory wasn’t quick enough. Juan landed a sharp blow into Cory’s jaw, knocking him back. Cory flinched; Juan took the chance to wrap his arms around my waist, leaning in close.

    “You’re mine now,” he whispered, just centimeters from my lips. Suddenly, Juan fell over, revealing a panting and bleeding Cory behind him. Not easily defeated, Juan jumped up and again aimed a punch at him. Right before Cory was hit…

    “Enough!” called a voice, as Juan’s fist was caught by a hand not belonging to Cory. It was Yuu-chan, a ferocious glare on his face, an evil aura emanating from him that could peel the paint off walls miles away. Juan flinched, scared of the man. Cory took this chance to run away, down the rocky path.

    “That’s right, run!” Juan yelled after him. I glared at him, then took off after Cory.

    I found him sulking at a rock formation, near the entrance to the shrine that I was too scared of to enter.

    “Cory…” I murmured fervently. He looked at me, tears staining his beautiful face. Tears rolled down my face at the sight of him, so brokenhearted.

    “I have to go now…I have to go.” At this, he took off running. I fell to my knees. Then, I felt a hand at my shoulder.

    “You always have me.” Juan. I got up, giving him a ferocious glare worse than Yuu-chan’s. Then I ran. Fast.

    I cried. Hard. In a fetal position on the bed belonging to Cory and I, I sobbed hard. It was ruined. Cory hates me. It was all over, wasn’t it? The wedding was crashed. Ruined.

    An hour later, Cory walked through the door, his face emotionless from the pain. I got up, running into his arms, wrapping my arms tight around him, sobbing into his shirt. He held me tight against his chest. I felt warm, wet tears on my shoulder. Cory was crying too. Neither of us said a word for a while; we just hugged and cried. Then he spoke.

    “Please…tell me you still love me…” he choked out.

    “I do Cory…I love you…I always have and I always will…” I sobbed. It took a few minutes to allow the last of the heart-wrenching sobs to leave our bodies.

    “Alex, I…I love you too…” he murmured. I looked up, into those pools of amber that were his eyes. He leaned in, and our lips met, moving against each other until we lost our breath.

    “So this is it…to find your soulmate…your one true love…” murmured Cory, laying his head on mine as we hugged once more. I tightened my grip around him, sniffling, closing my eyes tight.

    “And it is everything I could’ve asked for and more…” I whispered to him, nuzzling into his neck.

    And it was true. I didn’t need any silly possessions – I needed no iPod, no video games, nothing else to be happy. I had my love, my Cory, something that I could truly call mine. And that, I supposed, was all I would ever truly need.