• Dear Riley,

    tab Hi. You don't know me, but I was the person who saved your pulled you from the car that day. I saw you. I saw your drunk friends force you into the car after that party. I was there. I wanted to cry out, say that I would drive you home. Say that I I called the ambulance that night, and drove off. I couldn't stand to see you

    tab I've seen you around school. I've always noticed you. No other girl You were different from everyone. Just the way you acted, and held yourself showed your individualism. And I admire that. And that's why I Thats why I noticed you.

    tab I'm really sorry for scratching all that stuff out. I just... I want to tell you something, and I keep getting ahead of myself. I hope that you haven't already thrown this away. I don't blame you if you did, but I hope you decided to keep reading.

    tab I love the way your dark hair shines in the sunlight, how your green eyes sparkle when you laugh, and narrow when you're mad. I love the way you act yourself, instead of trying to fit in with everyone. I love the way you're so kind to everyone. I love the way you raise your hand in class, not afraid of being dubbed a nerd for knowing so much. I love the way you have so much courage, standing up for everyone even if you're scared to. I love the way your lips move when you're reading to yourself. I love the way you blush and stammer whenever a guy looks at you.

    tab Get well soon! And maybe...maybe once you're feeling better, we could go out sometime? Because I think you're beautiful and wonderful and I'd be proud to be seen I love you.

    -Aaron Lossen