• I drove quickly to the 7’11 and walked in. I went straight to the ice cream and looked holding my keys in my hand.

    “Ice cream,” Zane said behind me. I nodded.

    “Yes a big box,” I confirmed. I smiled as I saw mint chocolate chip. I opened up the door and grabbed it. “Which one do you want?” I asked. He looked over my shoulder trying to choose. “Rocky Road,” he said. I grabbed it. I shut the door and felt the cold ice prickle my skin on my fingers. He had two bags of chips and a bottle of Mountain Due.

    “You know me so well.” he smirked. We paid for our stuff then headed back. We put our junk food on the coffee table and Zane searched finding Smallville as I grabbed some blankets and threw them on the couch with us. I pulled one around me and grabbed my box of ice cream. I picked up my large spoon and started to eat it.

    “Here we go,” Zane said as he found season 5 of Smallville.

    “Wait lets start from the beginning.” I said. He sighed.

    “They only have seasons 5 to 7.” I frowned and he laughed.

    “Fine ok,” he got his box of ice cream and propped his feet up on the coffee table and I smiled remembering the time we fought and landed on each other.

    “Man he is such a hunk!” I gushed as Aqua man jumped out of the water with Lois without a shirt on.

    “Olivia!” Zane yelled laughing. “I do not want to know that.” he shuddered. I laughed.

    “Why? Look at those abs! I mean come on! Only he can look like that.” Zane frowned playfully. “I have those abs. want to see?” he asked. I shook my head laughing. He put down his half empty box of ice cream and pulled his shirt up. He sucked in his gut and flexed. I burst out laughing. He did look good but I wasn’t about to tell him that. “What?!” he yelled. I fell back onto the couch laughing hard.

    “Those are nothing!” I said pointing to his stomach. He laughed.

    “Not yet.” I rolled my eyes and settled down. I grabbed a chip and put it in my mouth. I looked at Zane’s half empty box of Rocky Road.

    “Before you eat that all I want a bite.” I said. He took a big mouth full and smiled at me the spoon sticking out of his mouth. I rolled my eyes.

    “I want a bite of yours too.” he said. I grabbed my box and spooned a big bite.

    “Here,” he pulled the spoon out of his mouth and filled it with the chocolate rocky road.

    “Aren’t you like disgusted by eating off the same spoon as me?” he asked. I laughed and shook my head.

    “I could careless. I’ve already swopped spit with you.” he wiggled his eye brows.

    “Speaking of swopping spit want to make out?” I laughed and shoved my spoon into his mouth. He choked a little but ate it. He put his spoon in my mouth and I ate the Rocky Road.

    “Mm, not bad,” I said.

    “Yours either,” I smirked. He laughed and I frowned.

    “What?” I asked.

    “You got ice cream on your chin.” I wiped my chin and blushed a little. He laughed more. I nudged him and he nudged back. I slapped his leg and he pushed me over. I rammed my elbow in his ribs. I laughed as he coughed and grunted.

    “Oh my gosh!” I yelled terrified. I looked at him as he held his chest. “Oh, I’m so, so, sorry I totally forgot about—“

    “Its fine,” he laughed and rubbed his rib. “You’re good.” I smiled but was worried.

    “Seriously I didn’t mean to.”

    “I know you didn’t,” he said calmly. I felt bad and gave him a sad smile. He returned it with a dorky grin. “You can’t hit that hard anyhow.” I rolled my eyes.

    “I would punch you again but it might hurt even worse.” He laughed.

    “Nah it takes a lot for me to get hurt that bad.” I didn’t like the way he said it. I didn’t want him to talk about getting hurt it made me angry. I sighed. It was only noon so we had two hours if not more. Our attentions went back to the TV and I drummed my fingers on the couch deciding. I clucked my tongue and looked at Zane. He was about to eat a chip when he saw me looking at him. I wiggled my eye brows. He raised one.

    “I’m bored. Let’s make out.” he half smiled and put the chip down. He looked at me and smirked as he leaned over and kissed me. It was good. So, so, so good. He pulled back a little and teased my lips. I rolled my eyes. “So this doesn’t affect our friendship or anything?” I made sure pulling back a little. He nodded his eyes closed looking for my lips again. “Just to have fun right?” he nodded again and kissed me lightly.

    “Since we’re not getting anywhere Kendra or Grant.” said Zane as he touched my lips again. I nodded too.

    “Might as well get something out of it,” I mumbled kissing his top lip. I was feeling it again. The butterflies in my stomach the heat in my lower stomach. The gentleness of his lips. His hands came up and put it on my neck softly. I kissed the side of his lips pulling back then kissing him again on his bottom lip. I pulled back enough to get air. “Screw it, since we are going to do this might as well do it right.” I said and pulled him back on me onto the couch. He laughed a throaty laugh as he pulled himself a little off me so he wasn’t hurting me. The couch was nice and comfortable with soft blankets under my finger tips. I put my hands on his waist and pulled him down closer to me. I wanted him so much closer. He groaned in his throat and his other hand was on my waist. We were kissing just lightly our hearts already beating loudly but my body was craving more then just kisses but I couldn’t let anything more happen. I deepened the kiss and he got the idea. I tasted the chocolate on his lips and he winced when I pressed too hard and hurt his cut lip. I pulled back slightly but he just came down harder on me. Which wasn’t bad of course but I didn’t want to hurt him. I put my tongue in his mouth and ran it across his. It woke up and twirled with mine. I felt like moaning but I knew that wouldn’t help just making out. He pulled back and kissed my chin. Then down a little, then down a little more. Right below my ear where you could feel my pulsing heart beat, he sucked. I gasped. My fingers grabbed his back and I arched my body to his. I pulled my hands up quick to him and pulled his head back up to my lips. “Just here,” I whispered and I could feel him smiling. That was my spot. Grant never found that before. I put my hands in Zane’s hair and kept kissing him slowly.