• My soggy breakfast floats in my bowl. I stare at it limply and wait until it is time to leave. The house is a depressing hell-hole since the accident. Gigi,my aunt, is taking care of me while helping the real estate people sell the house. I hate her. I hate her for not caring whether or not my parents are dead, for trying to sell the best house I've been in since dad went bankrupt, for making the animal shelter take Mia (My cat-it took me forever to convince Mom to get it) away.
    tab I hate her for telling the police I am a delinquent instead of taking me in herself.
    tab "Clarie! The men from the juvenile facility are here. Get out of the house. Bye!" I snort. Some goodbye. Like I said, Gigi doesn't really care. About me, that is. She loves the money she's getting for turning me in.