• This crazy witch. She thinks she can mess with me with a few weeds. Well we'll see about that. I stood up saw Jamie. There were weeds around her ankles. on her arms and hand and i saw some around her neck and slowly going up her back. Wow she can sure control them weeds but I'm more powerful.
    I walked up to her but it was kind of hard because I kept getting pulled down. " Jamie." I said. She looked at me. " Come here." I told her. She looked at me with her black eyes. They looked very strange like I've seen this before but not on her.
    Mia. A few times when she went to her cottage to practice, I saw her doing things and her eyes went black like that. But why?
    Jamie walked toward me. I leaned toward her and she grabbed my neck with her hand. I loosed her grib and leaned toward her neck. I said outloud," You should not mess with a vamire." And then I bit her.
    Her eyes became normal. And she was the regular Jamie. " HUuaaaa." She said. I was still biting her when she whispered," Stooop."
    I stopped. " Why is this happening to me? Why won't you leave me..." She cut-off. Her eyes were wide. Looking at something behind me. I looked
    It was 5 shadow demons. "What do you guys want?" I said to them.
    They all said they, " Her." Jamies eyes wided and she to freak out a little bit. I could tell because the weeds around her slowly started moving around her body and spreading out. I looked away. Back at them. They were all gone. I look back around at Jamie. And saw all the shadows were around her. She was really freaking out until one of them put her to sleep. Then they were gone. And so was she.
    This is not good.