• I walked slowly. There was no rush for me. . . per-say. I mean, sure I definitely didn't want to go back in the other direction, but, when you also have nowhere to go, it's not like you can really make haste. So there I was, just walking down the path, my path, when I ran into a man. He was small and weak. His cheekbones were very defined,so I guessed him to be underfed. His eyes were sunken, most likely from years of labor. Yet, if that were true, he had nothing to show for it. He was garbed in rags, stained by the earth he walked upon. His tread was extraordinary though! He walked with pride. He went about his way with determination, as if he had discovered the reason he was put upon this Earth. It seemed that he had rushed to fulfill his purpose, as if it was his duty. He was my opposite. I was well fed, probably overfed, and I avoided weight gain only from the blessing of a stellar metabolism. I never really worked a day of my life, and I went down this small road with neither meaning nor purpose. We met in the middle of the path, and stopped, in awe of one another. I had never seen a man so deprived, yet so. . . resolved! And he, I guess he had never seen a boy so. . . over privileged, yet unfulfilled. We stared at each other for a moment or so, when he broke the silence.
    "Hello", He spoke softly. His tone was comforting, and I felt almost, secure by his presence. I did not hesitate to reply to him.
    "Hi" We stopped talking now. I knew where he was going. He was going to see the world. He was going to live his life. He, somehow, he had discovered his purpose. He knew it was to live, to be free. To be unconditional about all things. If he loved, it was with passion, if he hated it was with twice as much. If he made a decision, he would not look back on it. When I looked into his eyes, I saw a man who was on a path with me. He traveled on the path of enlightenment. And I? I traveled the other direction.