• Death isnt the easiest thing in the world to get over. Especually if its ur own death. U lay there, unmoving, breath taken away, blood unflowing, heart unbeating. Laying there broken, no one careing as it turns out, and now ur all alone. No one to turn to in ur time of great need.
    Then a light turns on, "Is this heaven?" U probly think it is at first, but then u hear voices and a beeping noise. Ur heart is beating again. Ur body is filled with air, sweet sweet air. Ur chest has a flutter in it as it starts to beat faster and faster tell it gets back to its normal pace.
    Eyes flash open and c all the people around u crying. "They missed me? The missed me!" Uonce again feel loved. Ur once again with the ones who love u. "I'm home mommy. I'm home to stay. I love u." Then the beeping stops and goes to a straight buzz.
    Ur gone once again. But this time loving arms hold u, and u watch over the ones it is u love, untell they can once again c u again. When u r once again reunited in heaven. "untell then, mommy, daddy, sissy, I'll watch over u. Now u dont need to worry about anything!" "I'll c u soon, but i hope not to soon!"

    It's wat we all need a piece of don't u think?