• I sat down next to Jack, whose face was streaked with grey tears due to ash all over his face. i straed at him. On closer inspection, I realized that there were imprints all over his face. i then noticed that they were all over the uncovered parts of his body. i made a note of it in my head, but I didn't show that I had seen it. A good detective always keeps his or her face expressionless when it comes to evidence.
    "So, Jack." I said. "I heard your mother died in the fire. sorry for your loss. I'm afraid I still need to ask you a few questions."
    He nodded. "Ask away, Mimi."
    We stood in front of the court. I had my papers and photos. The judge looked down at me.
    "Maxine, what is your verdict? Was it arson?"
    I shook my head. "There was no fire. The mother was stabbed to death by her son, who proceeded to crush charcoal and rub it all over his mother and himself. I have pictures of the mother, who had imprints on her body like her son, and I also have officers who stated that kitchen did not smell like smoke, but like blood and charcoal."
    The court gasped as Jack stood up, furious.
    "Yes, I killed her. She was rich but never did anything for me! Nothing! I deserved her money! I demand it!"
    The judge glared at him. "The only thing you deserve is a year in prison! Dismissed!"
    As the court adjourned, I noticed a young girl sitting in the audience. She began to walk towards me, and I met her halfway.
    "I want to join your family," she said. She held out an antique key towards me.
    I smiled and took the key, hung it on a cord, and gave it back to her.
    "Welcome to the family, Jack's sister."