• Did You Hear ? She Made The Playboy Cry !

    Chapter Three: Just sh*t on me, I don’t mind I’m used to it.

    Angelina P.O.V

    I rolled over in my bed feeling absolutely crappy, just like I do every morning since the...Err, well yeah. Dad had already left; I hopped into the shower, washing my hair. I changed into my skinny jeans and my ninja turtle T-shirt. Yeah I was so cool! I pulled on my black converse, and my chunky wooden bracelets to hide the scars on my wrists, I grabbed my rucksack and went downstairs. My Paul’s boutique handbag didn’t go with my outfit.

    My hair had dried wavy so I just left it. It was quiet long it came down to my waist. I grabbed the money off the counter and put it in my purse. I made myself toast and ate while watching cartoons. I gathered my stuff before starting my walk to school. I didn’t even know why I didn’t have a car I had my license and everything.

    It was just lack of money. That reminds me, I had to work tonight. I worked part time in the local animal shelter, it was good pay and my favourite dog, Cookie, was always there to play with if I ever got bored. I arrived at school on time. Early in fact.

    I walked over to the field and sat on the bleachers waiting for the bell to go. I laid back and let the sun bathe me. It was such a beautiful day. A shadow fell over me. I opened one eye to see a familiar face. Jordan. I smiled up at him.

    “Hey, what’s up?”

    “You need to come with me” He said his voice urgent, he turned around and strode off without waiting for my reply.

    “Jordan, wait” I called after him. I swung my leg over the bleachers and grabbed my rucksack, I ran to catch up with him “Where are we going” I asked once we were in step.

    “Just come”

    We strode into the building and then down the corridor to where my locker was. Around it, stuck on the wall, were a couple of photos of me and Zaine smiling, holding hands, and one from yesterday of us kissing. But it wasn’t like that, I thought, me and Zaine were just friends. Someone had written skank, whore, slut, hoe bag, tramp, in thick black marker all over the pictures. Even on the other side of the corridor, my locker was wide open my stuff strewn across the floor.

    A crowd started to gather, watching me. I bent over and picked up my mirror, it was shattered; it was the one my mum had bought for me as a baby. Well that was before she ran off. I carried on picking up my stuff, Jordan bent down to help me. I’d signed up for this really, by helping Zaine with his followers. I could imagine him shouting at whoever had done this. He’d probably beat them to pulp.

    I looked up and saw him coming down the corridor; on his arm was some bimbo. I took no notice of her, obviously she was a follower. The crowd parted as Zaine arrived. I saw him look around, then look down at me picking my stuff off the floor. I briefly saw sadness twinge in his eyes but the second I blinked it was gone.

    The tension in the air was so thick; you could easily cut it with a knife. Zaine turned to the girl on his arm, I watched as he pulled her into a kiss. He broke away and turned back to me. He just stepped over me and carried on walking. Without a word, he didn’t glance back once. I could feel my bottom lip starting to tremble.

    “Don’t Angelina, don’t” Jordan whispered into my ear.

    I felt so humiliated. How could he do that to me, after I helped him yesterday? I thought we were friends. How could he walk by and not help me, he knew what I’d done for him, and he just didn’t care. Angry tears sprang to my face. I stood abruptly, leaving half my stuff on the floor. I could hear the crown whispering; see the pleased smirks on their faces.

    “What the f*ck are you looking at?” I yelled.

    I stormed off, once I was away from prying eyes, I picked up the pace; I fastened my rucksack on properly and ran home. I didn’t stop until I got there. I slammed into the house. I collapsed on my bed crying. Zaine was such a f*cking jerk. I replayed the events in my mind. Without even making the decision of doing so, I pulled off my bracelets and they clattered to the floor.

    In a trance I walked into my bathroom, and pulled out the blade I’d hidden behind the medicine cabinet. I sat down on the side of the bath, thinking about bad things I know I shouldn’t. I put the blade on an old wound. I hadn’t done this for months, I thought I was healed. Apparently not.

    I pushed the blade down and sliced, I gasped as it pierced my skin. I watched in fascination as the blood trickled down my wrist. I did it again, and again, and again. Until I was satisfied. I looked up at the ceiling, I felt a strange relief. I washed the blood off in the sink. When I saw the cuts I started crying. What had I done?

    I went through months of counseling, to stop this addiction, what had I done? How had I let one stupid boy make me hurt myself? But that wasn’t just it though; it was the memories that wouldn’t leave me alone. The dreams that kept showing me the good times and what I’d lost. I collapsed against the bath. I laid my head on the floor tiles and drifted to sleep.

    I was running down a corridor, I’d heard the news I had to get there. I could hear people screaming; teachers trying to hold me back, I screamed punched and kicked anyone that got in the way. I rounded the corner and I saw it.

    He was on the floor, laying in a puddle of his own blood. I ran over to him I dropped down next to him, crying, pleading. Everything sounded so loud around me. I held him in my arms getting his blood on me.

    “I love you” He whispered. Then the dream changed.

    I blinked, where was I? I was watching myself, the memory me. She looked a mess, her hair was in a disgusting tangle, her clothes were ripped and muddy. Her eyes were red rimmed from crying. I watched as she pulled out the pills from the cupboard I watched as she took one after the other .I watched her collapse onto the floor.

    “No” I woke up. I looked around I was on the bathroom floor. I sat up, breathing hard. I needed help, I didn’t want those memories, I wanted to forget, I didn’t need it right now. I saw the blood on the floor, the disgraceful way I’d injured myself. What would he say right now if he was with me? He’d kiss it better and then scowled me, turning it into a joke, so I wouldn’t do it again.

    “Oh Ayden” I whispered. I blinked, I wasn’t allowed to think of him remember. But I couldn’t stop myself, the flood gates were open and the memories came pouring out.

    I was sitting with my girls; everyone wanted to sit with us, only a selective few made it. I felt myself blush as he walked in. What was his name? Ayden the teacher had said. I remember going up to him introducing myself. I remember the fizzling connection between us. I remember the butterflies in my stomach.

    “Such a pretty face” He whispered before kissing my hand.

    I took him in, eating him with my eyes, his strong sure voice, his delicate touch, his dazzling sea green eyes, his tan from doing some sort of sports. His ripped bicep muscles, they would feel so nice when they embezzled me into a hug. His sculptured lips, I could imagine the way they would kiss.


    I was waiting for him by his car, we’d gotten close, today we would become an item, I could feel it. I remember the amazing smile he gave me from across the parking lot. They way he picked up the pace in a hurry to get to me. He pulled me into a hug.

    I pushed myself as close to him as I could get, without coming across as desperate. I remember him smirking at me as he released me. I remember the interesting conversation we’d had in the car ride over, we were both still virgins. I saw him blush shamefully as he admitted it to me.

    “It’s nothing to be embarrassed about Ayden, I’m a virgin too, but I’m surprised, I’d have thought you’d have tons of girls falling over you” I remember saying.

    “Yeah, but there not worth my time” he said looking at me, his deep penetrating gaze, bore into me.

    We leaned towards each other, I sighed in bliss as our lips met, the way he held me softly, I remember each touch, each taste, each nibble, each bite.


    Ayden was waiting downstairs for me, we were going prom together. Everyone was so envious of us, we were the perfect couple even my dad liked him. We’d been together five months, and I was ready. I knew it was clichéd but I didn’t care, I was going to give myself to Ayden tonight. Tie myself permanently to him.

    I remember blushing as I put the condoms in my bag. His face was in a trance as he watched me come down the stairs.

    “You look beyond beautiful” He whispered to me, kissing me lightly.

    My dad forced us to take pictures. We were so happy no worries.


    I remember us being in the hotel room after prom, I remember his gaze as I slipped out my dress. The way his eyes hungrily looked over my figure, the way he held me in his arms, like I was a crystallized rose or something. I remember his sweet kisses down my neck, my shoulder, my chest.

    I remember how gentle he was with me, how he whispered my name, made me moan. I watched him sleeping softly next to me, I didn’t regret it at all, we were made for each other. I drifted off to sleep in his arms.


    I sat by the beach, he was coming back today, back from his grandparents, he’d gone there for three weeks and I’d missed him terribly. I was waiting for him we were supposed to meet here. I remember spotting him from far away, running into his open arms, kissing him, feeling him, telling him I loved him. I remember us making love on the beach right there. Twice.


    I remember the day he died. There was a fight at school, Ayden had tried to pull them apart, one of them pulled out a knife and threatened Ayden. He didn’t back down, he was stabbed in the gut. I remember being in maths, hearing people screaming. Eliza texted me, she was watching.

    I ran out the class, down the corridor my heart was squeezing, I was praying to god, asking him to save my Ayden. I remember seeing him in a pool of his own blood, his face looked pale and pained. I remember holding him in my arms, his blood staining my clothes.

    “I love you” He whispered.

    Those were his last words, I watched as his eyelids closed, how his head lolled backwards. I cried calling him, telling him to wake up, the joke wasn’t funny. But I knew he was gone, I could feel it inside me, someone had died.


    I remember going home and trying to kill myself, to be with my Ayden, I took 8 pills, but it wasn’t enough, my dad was constantly watching me making sure I didn’t hurt myself again, but he didn’t watch hard enough, that was when the cutting started. When I dropped out of school, when I stopped going to my councilor, when I realized there was nothing to live for. When I went mad.

    I’d had a dream of Ayden begging me to stop, saying I shouldn’t hurt myself anymore, that I needed help. I started blocking out the memories then, the good ones and the bad ones; it was working until I came here. Zaine. He just bought them back, broke down the shell I’d built for myself. But I would start again; I would let no-one in.

    “I’m so sorry Ayden” I whispered. I could imagine him holding me, telling me he loved me.

    I bandaged up my wrist and put on a long sleeved top. I cleaned my face and wiped the blood off the floor, I put my blade back into its hiding place. I was going to get better, for real this time, for Ayden. I would join him when the time was right, I promised myself, but first I had to take care of Zaine.

    He was going to pay; I was going to make sure he did. And to do that I had to act like nothing happened. I looked at the clock, it was 4pm, Zaine would be at the coffee house, so that’s where I’d be also. I grabbed my purse and went to the bus stop. I was going to get revenge, by any means necessary.


    I hopped off the bus; on the way over I’d touched up my make-up. I peeked through the window, sure enough Zaine was in there with his friends, I couldn’t stay long I had to be at work in an hour, I was going to go in there get a coffee, and make sure Zaine saw me flirting with someone.

    I pushed the door open and the bell tinkled, I heard the whispering.

    “Hey isn’t that the girl Zaine was with?”

    “What is she doing here?”

    “Didn’t he diss her this morning? What does she want seconds?”

    I tried not to show the annoyance on my face. I walked up to the counter pretending that I hadn’t even noticed them. There was only females working behind the counter, drat my plan wouldn’t work. I ordered a mocha latte grande size. I thanked the girl behind the counter before walking out with my purchase. I was stopped halfway by the bimbo that was on Zaine's arm this morning.

    She smirked evilly at me, but before I could come back with a witty comeback she lifted her arm and poured her orange juice all over me. The whole table started hooting with laughter. I wiped the juice out my eyes. I looked directly at Zaine, my lips were trembling again. I shook my head and ran out of there.

    I ran all the way to the animal shelter, my boss Sheila was startled by my appearance. She gave me a change of clothes and a shoulder to cry on. I didn’t tell her what happened. She didn’t push for it. She sent me home, saying I needed rest. But that was the last thing I wanted sleep always bought up those dreaded memories.

    So I wandered around in the dark for a bit. Speaking to no-one, I saw Diana inside the hairdresser’s she was working. She looked happy, content. I smiled sadly before carrying on walking. A black SUV pulled up beside me. I panicked; I was being kidnapped was I? I saw the driver get out, I turned around and sprinted.

    I thought I was fast but they were faster, I tried screaming but my throat had dried up, my system didn’t have any water left. They rugby tackled me from behind, before hog tying me and carrying me back to their car. Great, I thought, what a perfect way to end to the perfect day. I couldn’t see the driver; there was black glass in between the front and back seats.

    “Sh*t!” I yelled, as they started their mad driving.

    We pulled up about 20 mins later. I saw his face, I got mad. WTF? Why was he kidnapping me? Him of all people. I tried to wriggle free but his grip was so strong. He threw me onto a sofa in a pretty nice room. He untied my hands so I knew he wasn’t going to hurt me.

    “What the f*ck do you want ?....” I Yelled, I was not happy with this situation.