• Little George sat in his desk quietly as usual, writing on his test filled with what seemed to be random letters and numbers molded together in a cacophony of equations. Then after at least twenty minutes of starring blankly at the black and white paper Little George realized that his bladder was quite full and needed to be drained, so he silently arose from his seat and walked toward the teacher.
    "Um…Teacher, can I use the restroom?" the child asked.
    "Don't you mean MAY I use the restroom?" The teacher said as she loomed over the boy and scolded down at him while waiting for his response.
    "Uh…sure…May I use the restroom?"
    "You have to say to yourself…What Would Hitler Do?" the teacher said and handed the boy the hall pass.
    "Don't you mean What Would Jesus Do?" the boy asked as he started walking out the door.
    "No...I'm a Nazi." the teacher said as the door slammed behind the boy.
    Little George started to walk across the hallways until he noticed a tall thin man in a large black suit with a hat leaving a shadow over his face.
    "Oh Geooorge…" The man said in an evil tone.
    "Y-y-yes sir?"
    "I have come for you…" the man took off his hat and threw it to the floor reveling two small horns upon his black hair; the man grinned devilishly with his pale face staring directly at the boy.
    "Um-um-um-uh-WHO ARE YOU!?!" the boy screamed as he pointed his finger at the evil figure.

    "I am the opposite of God himself!" The man said as he pulled out a large and unrecognizable red pistol with chains placed all around it out of his back pocket.
    "…You must be Santa Clause!" The boy exclaimed excitedly.
    "WHAT!?! N-n-no! I am-"
    "Thank goodness you're here! I'm so sorry! Ive been a bad boy this year!" The boy exclaimed and fell to his knees in tears.
    "I know that you have been naughty MWAHAHAHA!" The demonic creature laughed.
    "AHA! You are too Santa Clause!" The boy leaped toward the man and poked his deformed and pale nose.
    "NO!NO!NO! IM SATAN DAMN IT!!!" The man yelled at the top of his lungs and started to shoot randomly at the ceiling in rage as the boy stared silently.
    Then suddenly, two of the school's security guards ran toward the origin of the gunshots, pulled out they're tazers, and electrified the demon until he fell onto the ground shaking in unconscious seizures.
    "Well that was interesting!" The boy gleefully smiled and started to walk back to his classroom.
    "So Little George, are you finished with your buissness?" The teacher asked as George walked into his classroom.
    "Well I-" Suddenly George noticed a large wet stain in his shorts.
    "Why Yes Ma'm I am!"