• It was rain. Hard, ice cold rain that was continuously beating down on my shivering body. My clothes were soaked and my fingers numb from the cold. I couldn't feel them.Through tear filled eyes I could hardly see and it hurt just to move. where am I? I thought, forcing my shaking hand to my side. Something sticky, wet...blood. When I sat up the wound stung with a searing jolt that flung me back to the ground. I knew that the cut was deep, too deep. What could have caused this? And why couldn't I remember anything about the attack? Well Alexa...you've got no one to live for. I suppose it's a good time to die. I was flat on my back, exposing the blood and pain to the wind.
    My mind drifted to the memories of my family, the ones who thought I was theirs all along. If you hadn't left them, you wouldn't be laying here waiting for death. Because you left them you really do have no one to live for. They all think your dead!
    I remembered my poor Mom, who always wanted the best for me. With her strong personality and great love for life, I admired her. And my wise, talkative step dad with a knack for computers. I thought of my Dad, too. Oh dad, I was always so cruel to you. I was always so angry. I'm so sorry...
    I felt the tears against my face then.
    I'm so sorry, everyone.
    That was the last time I ever regretted living, and the last time I was a Mortal. I didn't die that cold, harsh night. No, I lived to tell the tale.
    You might say that when I was seconds away from death I was reborn, almost. I started a new life as an Immortal, a Guardian. A protector of this Earth. No one knew me as Alexa any more. That was a weakling's name. I wasn't that fool anymore. I had become Night Wendell.
    At age fourteen I had already made so many mistakes, hurt so many people I cared for, shamed myself without lifting a finger. There were many times I wanted to start all over, to have a second chance at life. I wanted it so badly That I'd end up crying. Yet through all that shame and hate I did get a second chance.
    This isn't the end of my life's story. It's just the beginning.