• husks wander the street's,
    like stray dogs and bums,
    robbed of emotion,
    of life,
    And of death,
    forever undying,
    no thought that permeate their fortress's,
    no sights of love or hate inside,
    War and peace redundant,
    owners of nothing,
    sheep of the sheep above them,
    all commanded by a simple man with his finger over a red button,
    their lives planned out for them,
    their emotions,
    seeming meaningless,
    discarded years ago,
    drained by great machines,
    with no light or hope,
    and no thoughts through the world,
    it is truly a dead world,
    filled with the husks of the emotionless stone people,
    who believe themselves the people,
    the good guys,
    the leaders of the next great generation,
    hoping the next is the same as the last,
    no thought,
    no love,
    no hate,
    no joy,
    no dislike,
    just like the others.

    a single light burns like a candle in this world,
    just an infant,
    yet the only shard of light in this lonely and dying world.
    shall he lead the world out of its darkness,
    or shall he fall to its stone cold ways?

    he grows swiftly,
    happy with somethings,
    angry at others for their lack of creativity,
    sad at his world,
    he sits in the room he resides in,
    creating fanciful stories of the wars,
    and of the times of peace,
    romancing about ones he likes,
    biding his time for when he may break from his prison of solitude,
    away form the thoughtless,

    he explores at night,
    looking for a way out,
    into the wild,
    where he is free,
    constraints removed,
    and his thoughts free to leap and bound among the Deer,
    and to lumber and hunt among the Bears,
    to swim and play among the fish,
    and to live by his own rules,
    to write how he wants,
    to eat what he wants,
    to go where he wants,
    and to build his world the way he wants to.

    he may find the wild one day,
    but in his heart, he knows the chances are slim,
    and that he wont find it,
    not until hes old enough to care for himself.