• Shea grinned, his clear grey eyes attracting everyone that was listening to his story.
    "So there Kyle was, now alone in the woods, his friends taken by the monster. He backed up into his tent, shivering with pure terror. Suddenly, there was a bloodcurdling roar. It was coming from right outside the flimsy tent. Suddenly a greast beastly hand came right throught the side grabbing kyle by the throat and carrying him off into the night, and he was never seen again..."
    Shea jumped out at his audience, causing them to flinch back.
    "You guys are so easy to scare!" he laughed.
    "Well if you weren't such a freaky a** mother ********..."
    Shea still grinned, despite the insult to his nature.
    A pink haired boy next to the boy that made the comment took the insulter's head and smacked it into the ground.
    "Don't ******** with him like that." he growled.
    "Thank you Jamie." Seamus grinned. He then turned and started writing on the chalkboard.
    "As y'all probably know, I'm graduating this year, thus we-no-you must choose the new president. I won'tbe here to suffer through them, so it's your problem. You got to deal with it. I don't."
    There were a few laughs amongst the small crowd. Seamus gave a chuckle.
    "I'm gonna miss you guys." he sniffed, trying to cover his tears with laughter. This was his last day of high school. The last day for him to be the slightest bit careless. He regained his composure and cleared his throat. "So, any nominees, volunteers? Or do I have to nominate?"
    "Shouldn't you nominate anyway?" one student asked.
    "Yeah, since you're like, the expert storyteller, right?" one added
    "Yeah, you know who's good with the scary s**t aand who-"
    Seamus's smile faded to a more serious expression.
    "Storytelling is not s**t. It is an art, a passion, and anyone who feels it is s**t does not belong in this room or in this club, and I will never understand why someone who feels that way would even sign up for this club."
    Jamie and his boyfriend, huddled together, smiling at the club president, supporting everything he said and did. Despite their unpopularity mong the others due to their sexual orientation, Seamus still favored them, even became close friends with Desmond.
    "Desmond, you are an amazing story writer. You're imaginative, descriptive, and you have near perfect grammar, and Jamie, you're voice is powerful, captivating, and you're near impossible to embrarass. That's why, since none of y'all are doing s**t to appoint a president, I am making both Desmond and Jamie president."
    "The ******** fags are president?" someone yelled angrily. It was not the comment, but the hurt in the two boys eyes that made Seamus break the yardstick over the loud-mouth's head.
    "Get the ******** out of here, and if you ever set foot back i here, I will personally beat you sensless." he growled.
    The bell signaling the end of the schoolday sounded. Everyone but Desmond left.
    "Desmond, don't say it. I'm not going to stand by and let my friends get insulted."
    Desmond slid his arms around Seamus's shoulders, their noses touching.
    "I wanted to say, that after Jamie ad I graduate next year, we're going to find your...freaky...."
    Seamus cut him off with a heavy kiss. He quickly pulled away and stumbled back.
    "s**t, I'm so sorry Desmond."
    Desmond looked down, cheeks painted red with embrarassment.
    "Yeah well, like you said in the beginning of the club, what happens in the club stays in the club."
    Seamus smiled.
    "Yeah, right." he said. He hugged Desmond tight and released him again. "I'll miss you guys."
    "We'll miss you too, Shea. And thanks. So much."
    Shea smiled and waved as Desmond exited the room. As soon as Desmond was out, Seamus shut and locked the door, then broke down crying. His life had truly started at this school. this is where all of his friends were. He, despite his being registered as a student, was recognized as a teacher for his stong feelings and the communication he shared with other students about the language arts. And now he had a full scholorship for a college in Ireland, where he was to master in literature. He still couldn't help but to cling to his memories of the school and what few decent people were in it. He held his face in bis palms, trying to dam the flowing tears, usuccessfully. A soft hand slid down his arm, slidig over his hand then bringing him into their chest.
    "It's odd seeing you like this." a male voice said. "You're usually so happy."
    Seamus wiped the tears from his eyes and regained his composure.
    "I'm sincerely sorry you had to see that." he sighed. "I'm just gonna miss this school."­­­­­
    He took a few steps back from his comforter to see who it was. Seamus recognized him as a classmate. Someone who had joined the club but rarely attended. He was tall with medium length dark grey hair. His calm green eyes seemed to be able to see right through Seamus.
    "How did you get in? I locked the door."
    "I was cleaning up behind the curtain. Are you dating that Desmond fellow, if you do 't mind my asking."
    "No. That was an accident. I'm not that kind of guy."
    "You mean gay?"
    Seamus was silent for a moment. He didn't quite have an answer for that one. The other boy smiled and held his hand out.
    "If you didn't know already, my name is Arwen. It's-"
    "Celtic. I know. I've done a bit of research for the names of characters in my stories. Nearly used yours a couple of times."
    "I was going to say a pleasure to meet you." Arwen laughed.
    Seamus blushed at his mistake. He was not one for making mistakes, or, at least, being caught in the act of making one.
    Seamus grabbed his backpack.
    "You want to hang out for a while before I take off to Ireland?"
    Arwen's eyes widened slightly.
    "Ireland? Everyone thinks your just moving out of town. You didn't say anything about Ireland."
    Seamus sighed.
    "If I told everyone, then they would try to convince me to stay, which would make leaving so much more painful."
    Arwen nodded in agreement.
    "You're probably right. You're loved by alot of people here."
    Seamus grinned again.
    "It's nice to know that." They headed out the front doors of the school and started across the lawn.
    "So when do you plan to go?"
    Seamus pulled a plane ticket out of his backpack.
    "Next week."
    Arwen looked down.
    "I wish I had known you longer." the two said simultaneosly as they crossed the street.
    "Where are we going anyway?" Arwen asked.
    Seamus grinned.
    "I thought we'd just walk around, yunno? Get to know each other before I have to leave."
    Arwen smiled.
    "I'd like that." he said. Eventually they ended up sitting on a bench in the downtown park.
    "When did you get your lip pierced?" Anwyl asked.
    "I was thirteen. I did it myself with a hot needle and a webpage on how to do it. It hurt like a b***h. Pissed my mom off too. What pissed her off even more was the next night. It was the first time I dyed my hair. Jet black like it is now." he ran his fingers through his hair. "I'm still not sure if putting Jamie and Desmond in charge of the club is a good idea. They're brilliant and all, but with all the homophobes in the school something could happen to them. Then, not only would they get hurt, without a president, the club would fall apart." Seamus bried his face in his palmes. "s**t." he cursed.
    Arwen tilted his own head and smiled at the stressed out young man.
    "Is that why you're still so in the closet? Because you're afraid something would happen to you and everything would fall apart?" Arwen inquisited. Seamus opened his mouth, ready to pose an arugument, but closed it, looking down with a smirk.
    "I don't even know if I really am gay. It's been eating me alive since eigth grade." This was the first Seamus had ever let anyone know this. He stood and picked his back pack up from the ground. "You want to go hang out at my apartment? It looks as though it's going to rain."
    "Sure. Lead the way friend." Arwen replied graciously. Seamus lead Arwen down the streets of the mid-sized city until they reached Seamus's complex. Seamus unlocked the door and threw his backpack to the living room floor. "Well, we're home. Make yourself comfortable. Mi casa is su...." he trailed off, staring into Arwen's eager eyes. An expression of interest was spread accross Arwen's face. he advanced foward, towards Seamus, the gently, pressed the black haired boy against the wall. Seamus blushed but did not resist. He was bound and determined to find out his sexual orientation, no matter what. Arwen leaned in and kissed Seamus softly, gliding his fingers down the other boys cheeks and neck. Tears streaked Seamus's cheeks as their tongues wrestled between their lips. He broke away from Arwen sobbing. Arwen held the boy tight, kissing at hi shoulder, letting him cry into his own.
    "I know you've been stalking me Seamus." he whispered, kissing Seamus's cheek. "And I know that you know that I've stalked you back quite a few times."
    Samus couldn't help but laugh. they had stalked eachother for four years without knowing really who eachother was until this moment.
    "I wish we had never done this." Seamus snivvled.
    "Why's that?"
    "Because now it's going to hurt so much more when I go." Seamus sighed. He then did something he regretted even more. He slid his arms around Arwen's neck and brought him into another kiss.

    Arwen slid ontop of the now shirtless Seamus, then, slowly, started planting kisses down his body. Seamus knocked Arwen onto his back on the floor and sat on top of him, pinning him down, grinning.
    "I wish we weren't doing this." He said softly, leaning foward.
    "Why's that?" Arwen asked, running his fingers through Seamus's jet black hair.
    Seamus kissed his lips.
    "I'm falling for you fast. When I leave-"
    Arwen covered Seamus's mouth with his hand.
    "Don't say another word about your departure." he whispered. "Just close your eyes and relax." He pushed Seamus back under him and started off with the other boys pants.
    Seamus awoke late that night, naked and snuggled into Arwen's arms.
    "Never," he muttered, "have I been so-so-"
    "Vulnerable?" Arwen finished.
    Seamus sat up, covering himself with a blanket. Arwen stroked his shoulder softly.
    "Are you alright?" he asked. Seamus laid his head on Arwen's chest.
    "I just lost my virginity to a guy who I've barely even spoken to, nevertheless my stalker. What's worse was that I liked it."
    Arwen slid his hand down his new lover's chest laughing.
    "Stay with me?" Seamus asked.
    "Of course."
    They spent the next week attached at the hip, rarely seperating, always touching somehow in some way. This was only hurting Seamus more and more. Tuesday of the next week, Arwen woke up in bed alone. There was a note on his partner's pillow. He picked it up and read aloud:

    The week we've spent together was amazing. Thanks to you I have finally found myself, and I will forever be grateful for that. I guess what I'm trying to get at is that well, I love you, and I'll miss you. I'm sorry for not waking you to tell you goodbye. It'd just be too painful.
    With all of my love,
    P.S. Stay at my apartment for a while.

    Tears dripped from Arwen's eyes and onto the letter. He clenched the letter to his chest and sobbed.

    "Aaaannnd done." Seamus said, putting his last book on the bookshelf. He was finally done unpacking his things and organizing the apartment. He grinned at the picture of Arwen and himself right before he had left. He took it off of the top bookshelf and moved it onto his bedside table. He leaned down and kissed Arwen's photo. He laid back in his new bed and closed his eyes. Just as he was about to drift off to sleep, there was a knock at the door. Seamus yawned ad stood up, the doorbell constantly ringing.
    "I'm coming!" Seamus called grumpily. Just as he reached for the doorknob , he door swung open and a figure lept onto him, knocking him to the floor. The person sat on Seamus' stomach, pinning him to the wood floor by his wrists.
    "Top o' the mornin' to ya laddie. Did ya miss me much?"
    Seamus grinned and started to laugh, bursting with happiness.
    "Arwen!" He yelled in a mixture of suprise and joy. "What the hell are you doing here?"
    Arwen grinned and leaned in to kiss Seamus.
    "I'd walk half way around the world for just one kiss from you." he whispered. He let Seamus's hands go. Seamus ran his fingers through Arwen's hair and brought him closer, following through with he kiss. "I love you ."
    Seamus let out a long sigh and brought Arwen in for another kiss.
    "I love you too." Seamus whispered back.