• chapter one the beginning

    march 1st 2017, we wear walking outward to the fields then without waring we were ambushed by a group of one of them. by now you must be wondering who or what is them supposedto be?well them is the devils slaves of the afterlife.
    october 23rd 2012, iwas sleeping. dreaming more specificly then out of no were there was a very painful jab in my neck. when i awoke some men wering strange masks were experimenting on me. i was going to ask them what they were doing but then i realized that i could not speak as if my trought had been ripped out of my neck and vertibra. so i reached out to touch a mans arm when he jumped. he was not expecting me to be awake. the man had asked me "what do you remember?". irepliedd nothing. after about an hour later after they took there tests they then took me home when i got into bed i realized my mom was gone. ithought nothing of it but i should have. it was 3:45am by my clock witch was always correct.the next morning afterword i awoke at 10:30am. i was watching my morning cartoons when suddenly my ceral bowl was empity so as i was going to the kitchen to get more i realized something move out side. it looked as if it was a man but it was too fast to be a man. so when i got my ceral all set up i countinued to watch more of my cartoons. in the middle of a sponge bob episode a man on the screen appeared he said this "attention to all americans the govern ment spayed some toxins in the air to see what would happen so we advise everyone to stay inside at all times.IF YOU GO OUT SIDE YOU WILL EXPERIENCE SOME SIDE AFFECTS THAT ARE NOT TO PLEASENT!!!!DON'T GO OUT SIDE!!!" after that the tv turned off for no reason i saw someone in the reflection so as i turned i noticed red blood on the floor in the hall way. when i saw the cullperat it was a shock. why?because it was my mother with a bloody mouth. but the blood not her own. she lunged for me so i ran to the kitchen to get a weapon. there in the kitchen was knives. so i grabbed the biggest one there was and through it at my mother (if you think this bad then you would not last at all in an apocalipes). she pulled the knife from her chest and said" dont play with knives dear"and lunged again for me so i decided to run to my room. as i was passing my big brothers room i saw he was dead. my fathers body was next to him in same form .they were each ripped to pieces. my mom was ganging on me when i got to my room i sat down (after locking the door)and thought about what had happend.zombie?no she would have tryed to eat me and she had spoken normal. vampire?no they suck blood . canable?no she would have eaten the bodys of my brother and father. i didn't know what to think so i just packed for my trip to my friend jasmine. she would understand.so my mom was banging on my door and while she was doing that i escaped to my friends house.